My order was tagged delivered but it wasn't - Consumer Complaint for FoodPanda - Head Office

Angelu Salas

I ordered Burger King today because of their sale 50% off. I paid it online through Gcash. The app says the rider was outside already but when I open the chat supposedly to talk to him it suddenly marked delivered. No one called me or texted me. He did chat any single word on the app. Did not say on the way or im here or even a dot. I contacted FP CS to get help and the CS called the rider. He said it was unreachable. Clearly there he has an intention not to speak to any of us and run with my food. He is a thief. The service was a scam as they are not willing to provide help to me. I insist to redeliver that as I was hungry and I want to take advantage of the sale. They do not want to attend to my concern. They kept saying they cannot do a refund of which I wasn't asking at all. I just need my food. They do not want to cancel the order either and cannot tell me the reason. i said how is that supposed to ve tagged as a successful delivery if I am clearly reporting I did not get it, contacted them multiple times. It was a very exhausting experience and very inconvenient.
COMPLAINT #13663 - Delivery Issues
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