Order was cancelled by the Delivery Rider - Order # t6zf-98ym - Consumer Complaint for FoodPanda - Head Office

Revi Yabut
I have ordered around 3:30pm yesterday Apr 25 2021- received a notification that my order was placed at 3:35pm and was informed that the order will arrive EST in 30 mins and at around 4:06PM I received notification that my order was cancelled!

I have placed an order from overseas and I put the contact number and contact person in the notes section, which is my father.

I received a missed call from an UNKNOWN number at around 4:06pm and with just ONE RING - it was dropped off and there was no way for me to call back at the number as it shows UNKNOWN. - no message at all! All previous delivery riders were able to send me a message when they arrived!

This is unfair for your customers FOOPANDA PH, I have ordered from CNB Marikina many times and I have always used the same address and this is the only time that my order was not delivered.

As much as I don’t like to think that some of your drivers are incompetent, he did not message me on the app, ring my phone once and dropped the call- there was no way for me to call back as it shows “UNKNOWN NUMBER.”

Previous riders were able to message me once they arrived and I have informed the recipients ahead of time to prepare to accept the delivery.

THIS IS NOT MY FIRST TIME TO ORDER WITH FOOD PANDA PH. Please check my history of orders.

I only use the same address over and over again.
If my address is incorrect or difficult to find, how come your other delivery riders was able to deliver my orders before??!!!

I demand a refund because this is not my fault.
First, your driver did not message me on the app itself
Second, I put the contact number and contact person in the notes section but we did not receive any message or call.

I don't think they will be impatient enough if the order is a cash-on-delivery because they have to bear the cost. But since I have used my credit card they just cancelled it right away!
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