Rude delivery rider( mark anthony jacinto) - Consumer Complaint for FoodPanda - Head Office

Donita morales
It happen today april 23,2021
I ordered a food from mang inasal for my family. The problem is i didnt exactly put the pin in our house because there is no specific address or street shows in the i just pin it to the place that i know where is our house near located. Suddenly the driver is on his way to our place, then he called and he said he cannot find our house and huwag na kayong umorder sa panda abala kayo.and when he is already in the house he says a lot and arguing with me and my family and insisting that we go to the barangay to settled. But then we did not agree ongoing to the baranggay because if he insisting that we are “abala “us customer same here he is also abala because that time is our dinner time he will going to comsume because of him. And take note the price of our order is around ₱650.00 so i give ₱1000 and said keep the change bec. He keep insisting we are abala because of that reason.. he made us angry at dissappointed.
Reply by ruel camposano on 29 April, 2021
same here, wala sa hulog ang ilan sa mga rider nang foodpanda, mali na nga sila, sila pa ang galit. nagbase sila sa pin loc nang map nang apps nila eh meron din naman address na nakalagay bakit di nila hanapin yung address. id nong rider na nag deliver sakin pogi-3vyn. buti pa sa grab magagalang mga rider.
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