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Aarifa Ellemdeen
Hi there ....I opened a packet of 500g Fattis and Monis pasta earlier today and threw the contents in boiling water ...I noticed black dots floating in the water,at 1st I didn't know what it was, so I scoped it out only to discover it is weavels in the pasta ...I then checked to to see if the pack was expired and it only expires in 2022..I was so shocked by this and there was live ones to crawling out of the bag too
COMPLAINT #15546 - Product Issues
Sello Mokoena
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From: Sello Mokoena <selloj.***@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 24 May 2021, 01:02
Subject: Used folded tissue paper in my Maynard wine duos
To: <tige***@tigerbrands.com>

I bought my pack at PicknPay Minimarket.

I enjoyed my wine gums while watching TV and when going to the last the texture was simply foreign to me. When inspecting, I discovered that it was a folded used tissue paper.

Just imagine if it is/was infected with Covid-19?

I don't think I will ever buy your products again.

Man 09/02/2021
BB 09/05/2022
A 02 08:04

I have attached photos for your reference. I am also tempted to put it on Twitter and tack Tiger Brands. I will keep that used tissue in case you need it for internal checks.

Your unsatisfied customer.

Sello Mokoena
COMPLAINT #14998 - Product Issues
Ram Ramnath
I phoned the consumer complaints depart regarding the above. I was issued with a wiCode/mobile coupon 754 186 215 919 at PICK N Pay to get R20 off an ace purchase.
valid until 2024/01/11.

my cell number is 0735847263

tried shopping at Pick N Pay twice to use this code to get the refund - teller says this code comes up as declined on 2 separate occasions.

please can you look into this matter
COMPLAINT #14951 - Product Issues
Kelly Myburgh
I purchased a Beacon Niki Cashew & Coconut 80g Slab, Barcode: 6001120620776
MAN 03/11/2020
BB 03/09/2021 A3
At my local Spar (Kwik Spar, First Ave, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, 6070) on 06/03/2021. The chocolate had absolutely no cashew nuts in it and after eating some of it, I was left with a strange "stale" aftertaste.
COMPLAINT #14511 - Product Issues
Rochelle Julius
I bought a can of Pie apple slices from Jumbo Crown Mines in December 2020.The expiry date on the can clearly reflects 06/08/2022.When I opened the can to use in March 2021, the content looked like mashed potatoes instead of Apple slices and the content also had a funny smell.

I called the "Tiger Consumer Brands Limited" Consumer Careline 0860 100 891 on 02 March 2021 and was assisted by a lady by the name of Patricia (Trish). I provided Trish with all the information she required and an SMS was sent to me with a reference number "TB2103020061" on 02 March 2021.

In the SMS sent to me, I was requested to forward pictures of each visible batch via whatsapp to cell number 0789926377 of which I did on 02 March 2021. The SMS also stated that I will received feedback or correspondence within 72 working hours.To date , I have had no feedback from Tiger Brands.

Please refer to photos attached to this compliant

Please advise the way forward.
COMPLAINT #13960 - Service Issues
Joey Jeevan
Kids complained of Jungle bars tasting strange - i asked them to bring it home and not throw it away as they have been doing for the last few weeks. Attached is a pic of what was found.
Purchased at Makro in January 2021.
Expires June 2021.
COMPLAINT #13162 - Product Issues
The haze heaven milk chocolate had a funny taste on consumption and the appearance was not the usual one. The bar code number is 6 00 1120 620653.
COMPLAINT #12681 - Product Issues
Nombulelo Mubu
Sometime last month we bought cake flour at Checkers Nicolway in Brynston. Last week wanted to use the flour only to find it bad, it had threads and worms.
We called your customer service line on Friday 19th and spoke to some Liezel and gave her all the details of the flour and she promised to attend to our complaint. She didn't give us the reference number for the call and when I asked for it, she promised to send it directly to my phone but to date we haven't heard from her nor do we have the reference that was promised. I am not sure what does that suggests, if is that's Tiger brands treats customers or is it the issue of that individual because I'm still waiting for feedback and on the same token we are very much inconvenienced because we are now sitting with the flour and not sure what to do with it.
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COMPLAINT #12341 - Product Issues
Darren Parker
I bought a pack of Sparkles "Tropical Fruit" (Tiger Brands - Beacon). The packaging clearly advertises a seemingly equal distribution of green, yellow and red colours/flavours, yet inside the pack was only green and yellow sweets. The one and only red sweet was a misshapen runt about a quarter of the proper size. Very disappointed since the red ones are my favourite and is the main reason I bought the product. I would love to be refunded for this.
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COMPLAINT #12250 - Product Issues
Dhanjay Seetaram
I often purchase the Sparkles sweets for my daughter. I purchased the Sparkles again from my local Spar. There were empty sealed wrappers in the packet, as well as another brand of sweet in the incorrect packet as well.
COMPLAINT #7045 - Product Issues