Mashed Pie Apple slices - Consumer Complaint for Tiger Brands

Rochelle Julius
Tiger Brands
I bought a can of Pie apple slices from Jumbo Crown Mines in December 2020.The expiry date on the can clearly reflects 06/08/2022.When I opened the can to use in March 2021, the content looked like mashed potatoes instead of Apple slices and the content also had a funny smell.

I called the "Tiger Consumer Brands Limited" Consumer Careline 0860 100 891 on 02 March 2021 and was assisted by a lady by the name of Patricia (Trish). I provided Trish with all the information she required and an SMS was sent to me with a reference number "TB2103020061" on 02 March 2021.

In the SMS sent to me, I was requested to forward pictures of each visible batch via whatsapp to cell number 0789926377 of which I did on 02 March 2021. The SMS also stated that I will received feedback or correspondence within 72 working hours.To date , I have had no feedback from Tiger Brands.

Please refer to photos attached to this compliant

Please advise the way forward.
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