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Sindi Dhladhla
Thuli at Springs branch promised us a 5% discount upon payment of the full amount for funeral services
When asked about it she says her manager decided not to pay the discount back to us because the payment was done in Thuli's absence, another consultant took our payment and thats the reason we forfeited the discount
She started dodging calls & later asked if I can send her my CV & she can try & get me a job at Avbob
This is unprofessional and the discount has still not been paid to us for reasons beyond my understanding.
COMPLAINT #15506 - Sales Issues
Nandipha Mema
I would like to cancel all my policies with Avbob. The lies about being eligible to receive change from the funeral are really uncalled for. I have been paying Avbob religiously without fail, and I was promised change by the lady handling my claim only to find out that I will be sent on a wild goose chase. My family and I will never use Avbob services again after this and I am willing to tell anybody who is interested to listen about the treatment I got from this company. Worst part is to be made to feel like a fool by Avbob employees. My ID number is 8801080666087.
Reply by Nandipha Mema on 4 June, 2021
COMPLAINT #15319 - Other Issues
Gilbert Thamsanqa Njemla
2213 Sekame Street
Unit 1
Mmabatho 2735
02 June. 2021
083 682 8239

Complain AVBOB

I, Gilbert Thamsanqa Njemla, ID Number 6308185314086, as an applicant of AVBOB Policy number: AL1141372X1 since from 2003. I request the AVBOB Complain department to honour the claim as it was rejected from the claim department and reason being I owed AVBOB Policy only one (1) month.
I as a client regarding the matter as above, you are not treating your customers fairly, and also I am referring clients to your company trusting AVBOB, without any compensation.
At this time in point I am owing people in tune of R10 000.00, that I did expected your office to deposit the due amount of the deceased to my account.
Claim document send and received disgusting reply by sms on the 31 May 2021 at 14h40.
Kindly honour this claim within 48 hours or else I will escalate this matter to the ombudsman within 36 hours from today 02 June 2021.

Sadly disgraced


COMPLAINT #15286 - Other Issues
My name is Mlahleni Isaac Mbithamkhono with an id number of 7812155513089, and contact number of 084 783 5212, I suppose to get a refund from Avbob, and I have submitted all the requested documents last month but till now they keep on saying it is being processed.
Reply by Nandipha Mema on 2 June, 2021
Tjoo, this scares me, I am also waiting for a change from a funeral claim. I must just forget and cancel all my policies with them.
COMPLAINT #15031 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Nondumiso Grace Sibiya
I'm Nondumiso Grace Sibiya on 2021-04-16 I visited Avbob Bridge to lay a complaint of fraud, I was told to come back with affidavit, on the 2021-04-18 I went again to Avbob bridge city with an affidavit an I fill an Avbob form of refund and they told me to wait for call up until now I've didn't receive a call,and my salary advice of this month money if deducted, I want my money back, because I don't have a funeral policy or any policy with Avbob.
COMPLAINT #14947 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Abraham Mabaso
For a number of months now avbob has been deducting money directly from my salary. I'm a teacher in Durban employed by the KZN department of basic education. I have never signed any policy with avbob since I was born. I don't even know the beneficiaries in this policy. I'm aware that I'm not the only one having this problem. There seem to be many of us. Under the current economic conditions with no prospects of getting a salary increase from government this fraud committed by avbob has really worsened my financial situation. I demand that these deductions stops with immediate effect and whatever money that has been unlawfully stolen from my salary be paid back with immediate effect including its interest. I'm prepared to take legal action against avbob if this matter is not addressed with the urgency it deserves. I'm tired of this and I want it to stop.This matter will also be exposed in the media since it affects too many of us.
COMPLAINT #14662 - Billing or Collection Issues
  RESOLVED (after 1 days)
6 May, 2021
Fraudulent payments deducted from educators
COMPLAINT #14532 - Other Issues
Msawenkosi Raymond
I'm Msawenkosi Raymond sigaba I'd no 7907285565080.Since 2015 I have a funeral policy with Avbob, I was very humiliated with disgraced claim they paid me when my mom passed away and as I also covered her I put my claim in of R25000 cover and they paid me R20600 when I called them asking why they made a short payment, answer was they don't see a reason for the short payment on their system and it ends like that. I request your intervention Hello Peter to help me get my R4400 that these people robbed me with a senseless reason I every disappointed with their behaviour.
COMPLAINT #14358 - Other Issues
Yandisa Gagela
I put a claim of my brother Zola Nicholas Gagela he died of unnatural cause but was not paid double but when i joined i was told if its unnatural cause payment is double
COMPLAINT #14078 - Other Issues
Motshabi musa
Hi are Motshabi musa policy no AL5144756X4 am not happy with the charges you made for this 2 months and not debit on the last date of the month like we agreed then next thing you charge me for what fix this or will have to cancel my policy with you guys thank you .
COMPLAINT #13996 - Delivery Issues
Nokwazi Olivian Mazeka

Complaint number 36735

I've noticed the deduction from avbob on my salary advice of stealing my money without knowing each other and sent a request to stop stealing and pay my money back but nothing happened,I don't know why and you still deducting or stealing my money so please stop that nonsense and pay my money into my bank account

Cheque account

Thanking you
Nokwazi Mazeka

Other Issues Photo

Reply by nokwazi Olivian Mazeka on 23 April, 2021
I'm still waiting for my money to be deposited in my account and stop deducting or stealing .
Reply by nokwazi Olivian Mazeka on 10 May, 2021

I'm still waiting for my money to be deposited in my account.

Avbob company is stealing for many people why? When you asked for refund they tell to open a case for who?

Nokwazi Mazeka
Reply by Nokwazi Mazeka on 21 May, 2021
Good day

I'm still waiting for my money.

Nokwazi Mazeka
Reply by nokwazi Olivian Mazeka on 9 June, 2021
Good morning

When can you refund me.

Nokwazi Mazeka
COMPLAINT #13882 - Other Issues
Masese Grace Mohlala
Promised to receive payment on the 1st of March 2020,nothing paid. emails and telephones sent to Michael Mzozo, copied to Charlene Williams not answered.

My father died on the 15th of January 2021 and started claim process in early February 2022. What a wait?

What a bad company. All dead woods should be fired.
COMPLAINT #12695 - Other Issues
Tinyiko Maswanganyi
I just noticed monthly debits of R67.00. I went to Hazyview Branch on 17 February 2021 at 13:30 for verification, and was informed that the employee, S. Makamu, working at Acornhoek branch processed the transaction (Policy No.AL6172290X1). I view this conduct fraudulent and unconscionable. I was informed by the Hazyview Branch,that refunds would only be processed by head office. I hope this matter would be treated with the urgency it deserves, for this conduct and/or practices has potential to affecting or causing harm to many vulnerable consumers. Your reputation can't be compromised by few rotten apples.
COMPLAINT #12148 - Billing or Collection Issues
Sonia Phore
Poor customer service, branch manager resigned, consultant used incorrect policy ( we had 2 policies)seemed like he didn't quite know what he was doing, and was thrown in at the deep end, waited on response from him, waited in the reception area for 2 hours (while ashes were put into the little coffin and name plate put on), after being called to collect ashes
COMPLAINT #12041 - Customer Service Issues
Motsamai Mahlasela
My father passed on the 5th January i contacted avbob headoffice 06 January 2021 then went to Rustenburg branch to verify the claim on the 07 January 2021 and also to arrange the date for burial which was the 10th of January 2021 on 08th i called Avbob Rustenburg for confirmation of burial,theres the lady who answered the phone then i introduced myself over the phone but that lady said to me we wont bury my father on the 10th because one of their employees tested positive covid the office is closed,we as the family will have to bury my father next week,lady was very rude,then i asked her to reffer me to the manager Mr Motlhabane then he said he Will see what he can do then i drove to Avbob Rustenburg office so that we can talk bilateral because i was not happy then he said we must not worry the burial of our father will continue,then a day before a burial around 17h40 Mr Motlhabane phoned to say we need to deposit the sum of R7000.00 we feel that he failed to call us in time early because if we didn't have such amount a that time we would have to settle for less that was bad,on the day of a burial there was no grave mark and programs for service,on 16 January 2021 avbob Rustenburg office called to say they re bringing the grave mark when only to find that the birth date and the names of my faher were wrong until to day my father's grave has no grave mark!Please assist i am not happy at all and lastly i would like to have a statement
COMPLAINT #11465 - Delivery Issues
Khululiwe Mashaba
Well I did a claim on the 21st of December but we didn't get cash back yet as the consultant told us that the waiting period is 48 hours bt even today we didn't get any response from them and they didn't bring the flowers during the day of the funeral and photo of the deceased
COMPLAINT #10681 - Customer Service Issues
Nosisa Nintsana
In 2018 I insured my grandpa but you declined my claim because my policy was in areas and I paid those areas before I submit claim to avoid penalties

NB Policy Status was Active
COMPLAINT #10137 - Other Issues
I send an email on the 11th and 18th of May 2020 regarding a client of mine that passed away. Up to now nothing happened and no one came back to me. Just a return mail that my email was received and that someone will be taken care off it.
What type of service is this. The client was a member since 1 May 1965!
COMPLAINT #3429 - Service Issues
Vanessa Hawkins
used the sms advert on TV, gave all my information and was told i would recieve documentation and the policy would start 1 Aug 2019, no documents received nor has the policy started.

why take all the information if you are not willing to give me a policy??
COMPLAINT #2052 - Delivery Issues