Unsatisfactory - Consumer Complaint for AVBOB - HEAD OFFICE

Motsamai Mahlasela
My father passed on the 5th January i contacted avbob headoffice 06 January 2021 then went to Rustenburg branch to verify the claim on the 07 January 2021 and also to arrange the date for burial which was the 10th of January 2021 on 08th i called Avbob Rustenburg for confirmation of burial,theres the lady who answered the phone then i introduced myself over the phone but that lady said to me we wont bury my father on the 10th because one of their employees tested positive covid the office is closed,we as the family will have to bury my father next week,lady was very rude,then i asked her to reffer me to the manager Mr Motlhabane then he said he Will see what he can do then i drove to Avbob Rustenburg office so that we can talk bilateral because i was not happy then he said we must not worry the burial of our father will continue,then a day before a burial around 17h40 Mr Motlhabane phoned to say we need to deposit the sum of R7000.00 we feel that he failed to call us in time early because if we didn't have such amount a that time we would have to settle for less that was bad,on the day of a burial there was no grave mark and programs for service,on 16 January 2021 avbob Rustenburg office called to say they re bringing the grave mark when only to find that the birth date and the names of my faher were wrong until to day my father's grave has no grave mark!Please assist i am not happy at all and lastly i would like to have a statement
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