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I went to pep at woodstock(they said that's this is their store code 6268) to courier a parcel. The cashiers(one of them being Melissa) both said its offline and when we asked if they could use another way to render service they told us that pexi is affecting their system. We then asked to speak to the manager she also said the samething. Weird part is that other pep stores didn't have the same "problem". Also was told to go find out the store code for the pep I'll be sending the parcel to. As a customer how am I supposed to know pep store codes if pep workers also can't access that information because they told me they cant
COMPLAINT #15541 - Customer Service Issues
Jana Schmulian
Branch: Pep Home Schweizer-Reneke
One one till open, many many customers, when I ask for opening the another till, the lady tells me not very friendly, that the till lady is buzy eating.She did not answer me when I ask: at 11o'clock in the morning???
COMPLAINT #15483 - Sales Issues
Zanele Mhlanga
I'm really not happy about the lady Zinhle who was helping me, an error happend as she was processing my cash send transaction, and she spoke to me like she is speaking to a 7year old and said "now you made an error and I have to start afresh, your ID" then she took another customer behind me without asking me if I ask her y is she doing that she said " I can send you somewhere else if I want" she never apologized the way she disrespected me I'm really not happy she goes on and tell me That the money I'm sending it's not even for pep.. The are so many unemployed people out there yet we get just rubbish service from people who are not willing to help us with pride.
COMPLAINT #15452 - Service Issues

I bought a phone by pep store at Pep cell kaalfontein 06/06/2021 which
the consultant recommended for me and said my work app taxify will
work and now the app does not work on the phone I went to return the
phone and got no assistance as the phone is now useless to me. I spoke
to Lesego and Mokgadi who both told me they won't exchange the phone
for me. I then asked to speak to the area manager who didn't bother
calling me or I wonder if they gave him/her my contacts store phone
number 0102240252. Disappointed client please assist would like to add
more money so that i can continue feeding my family and dont need to
be disrespect by your staff
COMPLAINT #15450 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Simosakhe Wiseman Thungo
Bought a phone at Pep cell Birch acres mall and was overcharged was suppose to pay R699 but they charged me R1699 for e 40 hisense phone and on the display was R699 and I asked them for footage to prove that they refused
COMPLAINT #15445 - Refund / Exchange Issues
jophies tinyiko mashava
On the 29 May 2021 I was at Gandlanani Vahlavi Plaza,I wanted to check my parcel.I first greeted the tiller then I asked help she kept quiet then I said it again,she said with what and she was angry then I said I want to check if my parcel has arrived she said is not allowed by shouting at me, I did not like the way she talked to me, then I called the manager by saying sister manager immediately she said it not allowed,the manager's door was open I said come out, she came out, I asked her to check for me I just wanted to see the size of the parcel, She grabed the parcel up and throw it again on the shelf while she was shouting it is not allowed I said thanks and I left. On 06 June 2021 my sister went to the same PEP using the car we always use and they do not know my sister she was inside PEP then Mikateko talked bad about my husband by saying "here comes the stupid(fool) Mashava to annoy us" I think she said this because the other day my husband sent the money through PEP and R1000 was missed and we opened the case so I am not happy, truly speaking I am angry for them. Mrs Mashava 0723980953.
COMPLAINT #15436 - Customer Service Issues
Mokete Johannes Mthembu
I was at Pep store Palm springs mall to buy a pexi bag for R90 so that I can courier my stuff to limpopo. After buying the bag I went to the door next to the security guard I put my stuff in the pexi bag then went to the cashier to finalize the process.

The cashier told me that my bag is full and i closed the barcode, then the manager came and she tells me that they are not going to take that bag because is full and she must right down the barcode number in the note book. I took the package aside then opened the barcode to be visible and it was visible.

I then called the manager to come see that the barcode is visible but she refused and kept on saying that she won't help me. Their attitude was unacceptable. I called my wife to tell her that they don't want to help me and they are giving me attitude. I took my package and left the store to go to Pep store at Orang Farm Eyethu mall where the staff and the manager were so friendly and helpful. They helped me without complaining. I was out of the store happy.

Palm springs mall staff must be trained on customer service that a customer who brings business must be treated with respect and dignity and they shouldn't look down at customers because they don't know who they illtreating. I can take this matter further and make it a big thing out of nothing just to be spiteful to them. I will go to any customer service entities in this country and make a scene on this matter. They learn to respect their customers.
COMPLAINT #15418 - Customer Service Issues
Nolwazi Mathenjwa

Why is it when you go to send parcel to Pep Eshowe they ask you about a store code for where you want to send? What nonsense is that?! And they don't help you if you don't have it. So, my question is how am I, as a customer supposed to know store codes? If so, why is that done in certain pep stores and not in all of them?!! It honestly wasn't even declared when this service was first advertised. I work at manufacturing, if there's an issue with a product I'd request information on the product the customer bought. You'd never hear us say we want the product codes for that product because we know that we are the ones that know that, not the customer. Please stop this nonsense that you're doing seriously!!!!
And to top it all off, when my mother goes to Pep to do the same thing nobody asks her for store codes!!!! So who gets to receive this treatment and who doesn't?!!

I'm really highly irritated and furious about this whole nonsense going on right now!!! Please fix it urgently!!!
COMPLAINT #15396 - Service Issues
Lufuno maedza
Parents sent parcels I left home together with my id.i only had copy with to collect.i was denied to collect coz I dont have original id.i explained that my id is inside the parcel and will open and show them.the store manager showed me the door.
COMPLAINT #15392 - Other Issues
Tembela Metuso
I visited pep store kraaifontein 8735 03/86/2021 at 17:15. The store closed at 17:30 and I was already in the queue with the items I wanted to layby. When it was my turn, the cashier Jennifer had an issue with the fact that I wanted to layby and asked where I was the hole day? As surprised and puzzled by her question, I answered that I'm coming from work. She refused to do the layby as she claimed it'll take a long time therefore I should wait for the people behind me to be assisted first. When I queried this as it did not make sense, she raised her voice through her hands in the air saying it's a simple yes or no. I asked why the attitude and there's sign saying layby's are only done until a certain time. As irritated as she was she grabbed the items and was still going on about how late it is. I told her that I will report the matter to the head office and lay a complaint as she is uncecessary and rude, she said "go ahead you can do whatever you like". The store manager heard the quarrel and all she said was "is Jennifer fighting with the customer again" she never stepped out of the office and I assumed it was a normal thing that Jennifer mistreats customers and gets away with it as even the manager of the store didn't care less.the transaction was not even 5min as I left the store 17:36 when I asked what did she mean that it'll take a long time she said I must stop it now, she is gaatfal and dik of this of this.
I have never been this disappointed by the service I've received from pep store and I can only but imagine how I'll be treated again when I go and pick up the layby when coming from work.
COMPLAINT #15374 - Customer Service Issues
Siviwe Golimpi
What A Disgusting and Appalling Customer Care Service- A Disgrace at PEP DIVISION 5590-003 TEL: 047 531 1479

I purchased a 49799 DSTV EXPLOR Multi Choice Serial No. A303441519 at Pep Store, opposite Game Store, Circus Triangle in Mthatha on the 05 April 2021.

I was promised that a satellite dish and LNB will be delivered at door step for its installation the same day, of which that could not happen until I hired someone to install it and when I visited the shop the following day to find out what happened, I got a very rude, arrogant and naïve responses, worsened to be driven from pillar to post without a single, vivid explanation or clear clarity from the management till to date.

I hate passing by that shop, its disgusting!
COMPLAINT #15368 - Delivery Issues
Bethuel Sihlangu
I lay byed a cellphone at pep cell Dwars loop mall and it expired I went to the shop n told them that I lost d receipt I gave them my I'd n they found that the laybye expired n cancelled n I said with my money can I take something they told me to make an affidavit stating that I lost my receipt which I see is not far is this the company policy cause in d receipt there is no clause talking about affidavit. Pls assist and advice
COMPLAINT #15365 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Victor Wood
I SADLY went to (Randridge mall Pep) and purchased a mobicel phone retailing for R799,00
The handset didn't want to above 50% more even reach the 50% battery level from when I bought it I left it to run flat and left it on charge the entire night I then tried a 2.4m cable still not so I took it for a refund and one staff member in a bad mood started screaming at me no we don't do refunds on cell phones at 14h30pm the manager has gone home already??? Pinky is the sales woman screaming at me refusing to let me use there landline to call customer care pinky just kept screaming at me the number is on slip I reminded her I can't call them as the mobile I purchased is faulty she said it's not her problem there shop phone is also faulty at that that stage I went outside to breath to remain calm as I kept my cool throughout the entire scenario pinky was gone when I returned Thembeka the saleslady whom I paid the day before for mobile was going to gladly assist me until Pinky came to see that she was going to be made to look like she doesn't know how to do her job and the law she then spoke to Thembeka in her language and then Thembeka changed completely and had the same story all of a sudden security came into the the store with full knowledge on the pep policies and how refunds will and won't be done and if I I don't remove myself immediately he will be forced to throw me out I then mentioned this is a matter between myself and the lady at the cash rest and pep he is a security guard for the centre and had no business interfering the matter and asked him very nicely to please make my day and forcefully trow me out as not one customer even knew I was there due to the fact I remained calm even though I was being provoked to lose my temper I didn't it happens to be pinkys friend (THE SECURITY GUARD) I have it all on video and him admitting it without even noticing it then I told him thank you that's all on video I'm still sitting with damaged goods it's a paper weight as of tomorrow. I would love to send the video I think I'm about to go viral with this.
Refund / Exchange Issues Photo

COMPLAINT #15336 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Shaaista Singh
Went to pep store at the malvern Centre to with draw cash that was sent via them however the manager thandeka was very rude n arrogant, she said there is no cash it's to early for cash n said I should go to an atm for the cash I told her that I needed the money she then said there is nothing she can do and walked away. I said that she is very rude n asked for the customer service number she gave it but while giving it she is busy talking in Zulu about me I then asked is that how your company operates because I'm the customer and u busy speaking in Zulu. I then asked another staff member to check with her if she got cash her respond was there is no money the customer wants to complain so she must go. This is very poor customer service from the manager of the store.
COMPLAINT #15312 - Customer Service Issues
Nandipa Ngwabeni
I went to pep cell Bara Diepkloof soweto to ask a dstv price,the lady by the name patricia told me the price then i asked if the dstv does it come out with channels she sad i must call head office my self and ask for channel, while i was still having questions to ask she sad i must step aside these customer coming in then i asked her im i blocking u from customers because im not done she gave me an attitude i dont know maybe she was judging the clothes im wearing or undermining very disappointed by the way she treated me and i dont see my self to that shop even my friends sad they wont go there bedauseon our way out they were gossiping about us
COMPLAINT #15288 - Customer Service Issues
Leann Julies
02June 2021 I was at Pep west coast mall vredenburg on the 05 may and I bought some boots it's like that slipper boots but I don't have the slip anymore unfortunately.The problem is its not even a month and both soles of my boots is broken I'm very disappointed and dissatisfied because uselly I can wear them for 2-3 winters but now and the winter is only starting now so what am I to do in such situation to get my boots replaced.
Product Issues Photo

COMPLAINT #15285 - Product Issues
Khale Christina Moerane
I went to Pep in Vereeniging(Mark park).I was on a very long queue, patiently so.When I got to a till point,I told them I came for Pixie collection. I was then told to step aside someone will come help me.Again I waited patiently and finally someone came to help and the lady by the name of Tlaleng pointed to a guy next to me(who was not even at the queue, they seemed to know each other, judging by their convesation).Nevertheless I didn't say anything, I waited for the guy to be helped.When they are done I reminded the lady that I came fiest and they helped someone who came after me instead.I was then given attitude by the guy who were called to help for collection(who seemed to be a manger) and the Tlaleng lady.I was yelled at in front of other customers and was told that it's not their problem when I'm sleeping. I'm deeply hurt by the treatment and left the shop crying, I could hold my tears in town I felt so embarrassed.I even left my parcel.
COMPLAINT #15175 - Customer Service Issues
Ntomboxolo Monica
I was Phillipi Junction Mall at 17:05 to buy a night shirt, after I realised 8 need to deposit money I came back after 5 minutes. Zoleka was supposed to help me asked her colleague (Sinovuyo Sizani whom I bought the item from ) if they are online or not, she told Zoleka to check on the system. She did the transaction, voided it and said the system is offline with an attitude, & you could see that she was not willing to help us, because first she said she does not have a change of R100 rand I gave her R50 and she said she does not have, we asked if she has coins, she said yes, we said we don't mind having them as a change, but she said what is she gonna use to change for the next customer, inside I was asking myself if I am a customer to her or not, I wanted to ask her but I didn't want to upset her. We searched for the coins untill we find R9 and asked someone for a R1, finally when we got this R10 she voided the transaction. I have loved pep since I was a child, I've never had any issues with their services, I've never logged any complaint for pep, but this is the last stunt they pulled today, my mother is waiting for the money at Eastern Cape at ABSA atm someone just voided transaction just to spite me. I'm travelling all over the work, I'm a seaferer, I always buy my night wear at pep, but now I'm so disappointed to the extent that I don't wanna see the brand. ZOLEKA has extremely poor customer services, I am absolutely never set my foot in the store again or at pep foe that matter.
COMPLAINT #15159 - Customer Service Issues
Nombuso Dlamini
Dear Sir/ Madam,

Today I went to Pep Store Pretoria Church Square to drop off a parcel to be take to Jozini Mall (KZN) through Pexi. I greeted the lady who was assisting me. She had no smile and had a very bad attitude. I told her I'm here to send a parcel to KZN, as I put the parcel on the counter. She said she doesn't understand what I wanted to do. I said I wanted this parcel to be delivered to KZN/ Jozini and I also pointed at the Paxi parcels that were behind her. She just looked confused.

She then asked me when do I want it to be delivered. I told her the quickest. She said it finished. Then I said give me the one that is available. She takes one pack and scans it, requested my ID and the location of Pep in KZN, which I gave her. She looked not interested at all. It was like I was bordering her peace with my parcel.

She then gave me the pack to put the things in. The pack looked too small but I had to just put my things in because she was not willing to help and her attitude really set me off.

I really don't understand such a bad attitude so early in the morning. She looked really tired. Such is really not needed when you deal with people and you are in the front line.

Service was really bad.

Her name is Bongi Diale, it was on her name badge.


Nombuso Dlamini
084 069 3100
COMPLAINT #15138 - Customer Service Issues
Yesterday I went to purchase some stuff, I get to the machines and swiped the money was approved, before the tills could open the machines shit down, they told me it registered as void and my money will be returned, well it wasn't they told me I must come back today with a bank statement.. My problem is that this happened before and I never got my money back please help.
Reply by Fadwa Pillay on 3 June, 2021
Same thing happened to me & it's been a week and still no money reversed into my account.. Very disappointed as I have to run around & pay for bank statements & send faxes as according to them they haven't received any money even though bank statement showed it approved & the sale went through to Pep!
COMPLAINT #15131 - Refund / Exchange Issues