Bad customer service - Consumer Complaint for PEP STORES

Khale Christina Moerane
I went to Pep in Vereeniging(Mark park).I was on a very long queue, patiently so.When I got to a till point,I told them I came for Pixie collection. I was then told to step aside someone will come help me.Again I waited patiently and finally someone came to help and the lady by the name of Tlaleng pointed to a guy next to me(who was not even at the queue, they seemed to know each other, judging by their convesation).Nevertheless I didn't say anything, I waited for the guy to be helped.When they are done I reminded the lady that I came fiest and they helped someone who came after me instead.I was then given attitude by the guy who were called to help for collection(who seemed to be a manger) and the Tlaleng lady.I was yelled at in front of other customers and was told that it's not their problem when I'm sleeping. I'm deeply hurt by the treatment and left the shop crying, I could hold my tears in town I felt so embarrassed.I even left my parcel.
COMPLAINT #15175 - Customer Service Issues
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