Rude management behavior - Consumer Complaint for PEP STORES

jophies tinyiko mashava
On the 29 May 2021 I was at Gandlanani Vahlavi Plaza,I wanted to check my parcel.I first greeted the tiller then I asked help she kept quiet then I said it again,she said with what and she was angry then I said I want to check if my parcel has arrived she said is not allowed by shouting at me, I did not like the way she talked to me, then I called the manager by saying sister manager immediately she said it not allowed,the manager's door was open I said come out, she came out, I asked her to check for me I just wanted to see the size of the parcel, She grabed the parcel up and throw it again on the shelf while she was shouting it is not allowed I said thanks and I left. On 06 June 2021 my sister went to the same PEP using the car we always use and they do not know my sister she was inside PEP then Mikateko talked bad about my husband by saying "here comes the stupid(fool) Mashava to annoy us" I think she said this because the other day my husband sent the money through PEP and R1000 was missed and we opened the case so I am not happy, truly speaking I am angry for them. Mrs Mashava 0723980953.
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