Rude management behavior - Consumer Complaint for PEP STORES

Shaaista Singh
Went to pep store at the malvern Centre to with draw cash that was sent via them however the manager thandeka was very rude n arrogant, she said there is no cash it's to early for cash n said I should go to an atm for the cash I told her that I needed the money she then said there is nothing she can do and walked away. I said that she is very rude n asked for the customer service number she gave it but while giving it she is busy talking in Zulu about me I then asked is that how your company operates because I'm the customer and u busy speaking in Zulu. I then asked another staff member to check with her if she got cash her respond was there is no money the customer wants to complain so she must go. This is very poor customer service from the manager of the store.
COMPLAINT #15312 - Customer Service Issues
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