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I was harrassed by que marshalls in carlton center in jhb , 2 times sundays after the church a one of the its majozi who calls him self a chair person in wata i tried to tells their seniors but the y do not do anything about it , on 15 they intimidated me forcing me to sit on the stand which i was n...Read All
COMPLAINT #1649 - Service Issues
Sandra Joseph
Mrs Meyer were booked from Graaff Reinet to Pretoria on 7 January 2018 at 21.45. The bus arrived only at 2:00 on 8 January 2018.

There is absolutely no after hours number to contact to establish if this bus is going to pitch or not. I have tried several numbers and not one was answered.

NO C...Read All
COMPLAINT #1648 - Customer Service Issues
TE Magade
Good day

I am on a Bus from PTA to Umtata via Queenstown. The bus has been at Fort for the past 45 minutes. The driver took a passenger on a different route now we are forced to wait for another bus so that the passenger can get on to the other bus. I have to be at work by 10 now this. Can you pl...Read All
COMPLAINT #1647 - Customer Service Issues
Nomzamo Dukada
On 04/01/2018 at King William's Town Translux station my blue spectacles fell from my hand bag under seat 29 & 30 without me noticing. The bus was from Pretoria station 16:45pm. When I noticed the lost glasses I went back to the station to ask the driver as the bus was going to East London. Was told...Read All
COMPLAINT #1646 - Other Issues
Sipho Mahlangu
I have been waiting to receive my cash back since the 17th of December 2018 they promised that I will receive it after 14 days of purchase. It's now been almost 20 days still nothing is happening. Why would such a huge broad furniture shop does this to their customers. This is unethical please chang...Read All
COMPLAINT #1645 - Advertising Issues
I'm really not sure what to say, about their services. All I can say is that they have old buses plus they don't service them. As I'm writing this it's Friday 4th of January 2019 I'm at the petrol station the bus broke down due to brake cause it doesn't have air to brake. It's simple that they don't...Read All
COMPLAINT #1644 - Other Issues
duncan nefefefe
on wednesday the second we stand on que for bus ticket from 5:00 line was long untill 8:00 no one bother to tell us buses to chiawelo and jhb are full,we had to figure out ourselves on que and the security just standing and gossipng with people.what kind of service is this and why treat people this ...Read All
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COMPLAINT #1643 - Customer Service Issues
Vinesh Mothilal
I visited your branch in Parkview pretoria on the 02/01/19. I ordered tea with our pizzas however when the tea arrived my cup was chipped and dirty, after reporting it to the waiter he brings me an espresso cup for my tea. Never again will I visit this establishment it is in hygienic to serve patron...Read All
COMPLAINT #1642 - Customer Service Issues
dikeledi Maphoto
Ive bought a bedroom suite which was delivered however had to reject the first delivery for quality issues, the second deliver came still had issues and accepted it however it still had issues then it was changed only to find out it still has issues and the screws are not the correct size which im s...Read All
COMPLAINT #1641 - Product Issues
Verushka Naude
My original appointment was 27 December 16:00 at Sorbet L Corro Northcliff, my first thought after I got home was how sloppy my nails were done. My corners weren't filled down and my nails were still very dirty from the product underneath. Another appointment was made 29 December to fix the my nails...Read All
COMPLAINT #1640 - Customer Service Issues
Matimba Sithole
It have been three months and couple of days without having lounge suite going for repairs in and out.The store does not consider Replace or Refund. Only focus on Repair and the supply is failing to fix decimal. According to CPA and NCA that's non-compliance for Morkels Protea Glen store. ...Read All
COMPLAINT #1639 - Other Issues
Tumelo Mofokeng
I would seriously like to lay a complaint against Fishaways @ Gardens Centre Lorraine in PE. I am originally from Johannesburg and my wife and I are huge fans of Fishaways as we believe in your good association, good service and best meals in SA, but it was with sad disappointment yesterday when we ...Read All
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COMPLAINT #1638 - Customer Service Issues
Shongwe Happy
This is my second time writting a complain here but nothing has been done,i bought a dinning room suite at Bradlows Pongola and i paid cash on the 14 th of December 2018 but till today i have not receive my goods,no one is telling me what is going on about my goods,now i want Bradlows to refund me s...Read All
COMPLAINT #1637 - Delivery Issues
Thandinkosi Samuel Mtshali
I am Thandinkosi Mtshali. My sofa was taken for repair, it is a Month my sofa was taken. Pls help me I want my sofa back. I made a purchase at eshowe kzn.
I hope my complaints will be quickly attended ...Read All
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COMPLAINT #1636 - Other Issues
Dudu Mhlanga
Bradlows Musina is so incompetent specially the manager. I bought a fridge and a microoven on the 23 November 2018 and was delivered 2 weeks later, a week after delivery I found out that both items are not working. I ask for an exchange or technician to come and check but no one came. A manager fro...Read All
COMPLAINT #1635 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Sheena Gayadheen
Mikes Kitchen
We visited Mike's Kitchen at Umhlanga today. We waited from 19.15pm to 20.49pm for our meals to arrive. And when we did get our meals,it tasted like it was cooked in burn't oil. When the manager was called,he was apologetic but had no reasons for the delays or terrible taste of the food. Being such...Read All
COMPLAINT #1634 - Customer Service Issues
Matimba Sithole
I bought lounge suite cash march 2017, September 2018 I went to the store to complain about the sofas they were falling apart. 12 October 2018 they came and pickup for repair when they retained to me nothing was done at all they were even worse like before, then i decide to go to store again to comp...Read All
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COMPLAINT #1633 - Repair Issues
Kennedy Moshoeshoe
My wife bought Headboard on the 24 Nov 2017 at Bradlows, Matatiele branch. The person who was assembling it, damaged it. The second person was sent to replace and assemble it but even this person damaged it. Up to this day the head board has not yet been replaced and assembled. I laybyed launge suit...Read All
COMPLAINT #1632 - Delivery Issues
Shongwe Happy
Im beggining to hate Bradlows with my whole heart,i bought a Tivolli diningroom suite at Bradlows Pongola,firstly i didnt want them to charge delivery for me but they did it without my knowledge,i went there on friday to collect my stuff they told me they have charge me delivery,fine,they called on ...Read All
COMPLAINT #1631 - Delivery Issues
How can on a busy festive season you have short staff? How long should a customer wait for the table to be cleaned...or an order to be taken. There is a notice saying please wait to be seated, well no one is going to lead you to be seated, I was given a menu right at the front, got a table that was ...Read All
COMPLAINT #1630 - Customer Service Issues