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I was calling to their store at Binondo office, upon attending my call the tone of his approach is not good already and directly confronting me with is my concern without any good greeting that response to the caller then just only instructed me to dial the certain extension but unfortunately no one...Read All
COMPLAINT #1742 - Customer Service Issues
Daisy Mae Y. Tundag
May package kami tapos hiningian kami nang 12k para lang makuha namin ang package namin ..sobrang laki naman yata bakit ganun??di namin kayang bayaran ang ganyang kalaki !...Read All
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COMPLAINT #1741 - Billing or Collection Issues
Isak van Zyl
On the 12 February 2019 I call the upgrade department and chat with a gentlemen Mr Kashrut, where I explained to him that we have
A serious problem with the Vodacom network in Nigel, and that I want to cancelled my data contract and go over to Telkom, because Telkom have
A special on for 20 GB of...Read All
COMPLAINT #1740 - Customer Service Issues
Beverlyn Esarda
Please naman tell your delivery boy na maghanap at mag hintay. Yung kapatid ko lumpo kaya nga pina door to door ko tas ang magyayare hindi nang hintay ang delivery boy. Twice na to nangyare saken nakaraan din nagpadala ako mga nagmamadali ang delivery boy kaya need pa puntahan sa Tagoloan. Panu ngay...Read All
COMPLAINT #1739 - Delivery Issues
My product was out for delivery by 10:18 AM in the morning , agent dint even call me or if i contact the branch telephone number there is no reply from the team. Even the costomer care number is not working. I am doing night shift and waiting for the product since morning so that i can collect the p...Read All
COMPLAINT #1738 - Delivery Issues
I went to this dentist with my 2 boys and when asked what we are each doing, I stated that the little one has a tooth that hurts and my 14 year old and I need to get our teeth cleaned. I was told that teeth cleaning is $7000 and was told nothing about an oral examination fee which I was told afterwa...Read All
COMPLAINT #1737 - Billing or Collection Issues
Sean Brookes
I ordered a preowned camera, after paying and being told it had been handed over for delivery. I have not received my goods, and cannot contact anyone to sort out/locate the goods....Read All
COMPLAINT #1736 - Delivery Issues
Max Amihere
On the 31st of March I visited this oriental at Palace Mall. I ordered and paid for ginger tea. When it was seven, I sat inside and sipped the tea. thereafter I went outside to sit in the shaded area. The sun was very hot so I sat underneath one of he umbrellas outside.

Shortly after this Leba...Read All
COMPLAINT #1735 - Customer Service Issues
Leah Rose
Because of a incompetent Falcon Insurance broker and a rejected unpaid claim ( that the insurance ombudsman found to be unfair but couldn't assist because of lack of funds) a client was forced to immigrate leaving behind a grieving family and a granny who will surely die from a broken heart. Unsc...Read All
COMPLAINT #1733 - Other Issues
We have ordered provisions from this supplier and they have delivered part provisions. After that no response from supplier side regarding balance items. They are not picking the calls no reply for mails.
...Read All
COMPLAINT #1732 - Delivery Issues
H Patel
UPS Zambia
My client sent shipment from India on 27th March and today is 2nd April 16:35. Yet shipment is not delivered...extreme poor service. Track No: 1Z018RX10441999863...Read All
COMPLAINT #1731 - Delivery Issues
Yumna Zubi
I have been a loyal customer of vodacom for the past 15 years however my recent experience over the past year with the fibre department at vodacom has really been exceptionally disappointing. When signing 2 new fibre contracts with them, the efficiency was superb however the service delivery thereaf...Read All
COMPLAINT #1730 - Delivery Issues
johannes babedi
Amathuba Gold
i cancelled my investment with the company. they told me to wait for few months before i can get my money. When the time approached, I was told that they can only pay me in installments. every month i have to call them and remind them of my payment.December 2018 I was not paid and when i asked why t...Read All
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COMPLAINT #1729 - Billing or Collection Issues
Hannington Ssemwanga
Sent a parcel but 24 hours later I am not able to track my parcel.Says 'Not found. Tracking number cannot be found.....'
I have called all the numbers provided on the website and on the receipt, they go unanswered and one went to Diamond Trust Bank 3 times!!...Read All
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COMPLAINT #1728 - Customer Service Issues
Masungit yung isang staff they don't even greet their customers tapos magsusungit pa. Whats very disappointing pa is nung nareceive ko na yung pera ko kse pinatong lng at tumalikod na. Tama ba yun?kakaiba! Sa inis ko ako nlng ng thank you sa kanya kahit ang bastos ng ugali nya. Kung pwede lng sa ib...Read All
COMPLAINT #1727 - Customer Service Issues
dino fretterd
Was sent an email saying they help recover funds from fraud, Sent them several hundred dollars and initially received return phone calls and emails which abruptly came to an end. This company is as big a scam as the companies they say they are trying to help recover funds from. Not at all impressed ...Read All
COMPLAINT #1726 - Customer Service Issues
Hi, i just want to report sana yong pagiging rude ng service crew nyo n sa ricky..dto sa linear tower 1 makati. Pumasok ako and nag ask ako kong may lipton which is need ko kasi nagpacheckup kame need daw ng kasama ko noon kasi pra mawala hilo..pero nag ask ako kay ricky, and he said na in ...Read All
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COMPLAINT #1725 - Customer Service Issues
Mary Jurkiewicz
Silver Traditions sold me what I thought was a genuine Tanzanite pendant. When I returned home, I brought my pendant to New York City for an appraisal, only to find out the stone was NOT genuine! I paid $2,000 for a fake tanzanite stone, which was only valued and appraised for $55.00!!!!!!...Read All
COMPLAINT #1724 - Product Issues
Karen barrios
Ive veen calling the information desk for quite sometimes asking about my incentives upadate,,but the more i called the more she declined it,its obvious that they were able to hear my call they just let it pass and not answer at all...the incentive that i was trying to ask is already over a year ago...Read All
COMPLAINT #1723 - Other Issues
Poor staff and bad information.
You have product but you reject customer to sale it and can't help costomer any more. If you do business like this no one wanna run business with your company. Why we need to support you while your staff not respect your customer. I m really surprised with your bad ...Read All
COMPLAINT #1722 - Service Issues