Lack of Competence/skill/ Unprofessional - Consumer Complaint for Globe Telecom

Leonna Claire Bariguez
Globe Telecom
I decided to use the feature "Chat with Gie" via Globe at home App, around 2:40AM. I received a response that due to pandemic and long chat queue waitinh time is between 10-15mins. Which I waiting patiently. Finally I got another reply and while I was typing my inqury... suddenly the agent sent me this copy paste script "(customer), we still did not get a response from you. Please do chat with us again when you are available. Furthermore, you can also use our Globe One or Globe at Home apps for assistance. Have a wonderful day!" So, I waited.. then another message askinh if I'm still connecte, and again while I was typing my response, same script was sent that since they did'nt receive a response I need to wait and start over the inquiry. This situation started 2:40AM until 8:30AM imagine how many time I received this bullsh*t script? I wasted my time and they couldn't even wait for my response? they couldn't wait for 2-3mins? I have a screenshot that I will attach. This is very unprofessional, imagine almost 5hours that I've waite for someone to assist me while them... couldn't even spare 3-5mins of their time?? I am also working as customer service in an international account/company, this is not how you should deal with your customers.
COMPLAINT #15514 - Customer Service Issues
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