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Gem Poresores
When I was buying a large half and half Hawaiian and Pepperoni pizza, the server offered me to get the Supercard so I can get 2 Large Hawaiian and Pepperoni pizza, but when I get home and opened them, the pizza’s were significantly smaller.

At first I thought it’s just the right size, but when I looked it up, the pizza that were given to us was the regular pizza unfortunately I wasn’t able to take a photo of it, but here’s the trail of the pizza in its white sheet that shows how small the pizza given to us. Please contact me at geml*** or 0956 847 1848 if you need more information. Thanks.
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COMPLAINT #15489 - Product Issues
Ramon P. Cambusa Jr.
Grab rider ako may booking ako sa c raymundo Shakey's then pag labas ng order ko nagtanong Lang ako Kung asan Yung resibo Kasi Yun ang request ng customer ang binibigay Lang Kasi nila is resibo from grab device tapos bigla naging asshole ung crew na nag assist sakin nagsasalita ako at ineexplain ko sakanya na note ng customer yun bigla akong binara na cge walang problema sabay pasok sa loob....ganyan na ba pagkakatrain sa mga crew nyo ngaun imean kht grab rider ako customer nyo.padin ako dapat Pantay Pantay kayo mag trato sa customer hnd Yung magiging asshole Ka Porte grab Lang ang inaasist mo...Sana magawan nyo ng paraan Yang ganyang crew galing din ako sa customer service pero never akong naging asshole sa lahat ng nakausap ko....NASA picture Yung name Nung nag assist sakin Kasi hnd na sya lumabas sa ibang crew nya na Pina abot Yung need ko na resibo Kaya hnd ko nakuha name nya...please do something about this matter Napaka unprofessional ng crew nyo sa totoo lang
COMPLAINT #15314 - Customer Service Issues
Hi Shakey’s Philippnes!

This is Jielen Bawan and my family and I, have been loyal customers of Shakey’s for a very long time. I am writing today to complain of the POOR service I have EVER received from your company. This happened last May 9, 2021 (MOTHER’s DAY). Please note that we’ve ordered thru your hotline delivery service around 3:30 – 4:00PM for our dinner.

I called and asked Shakey’s to have it delivered to a different address because we decided to celebrate MOTHER’s DAY with my in-laws. We were expected to bring pizza for dinner. We have senior and kids waiting for you.

Here’s what happened:

First call – I called and placed my order, I even asked the lady on the other line if we can just pickup the order instead. But told me that there’s no available store nearby that can cater pickup of orders. So I have it delivered to my in-laws’ address. (she mentioned that Shakey’s-moonwalk branch will accommodate our order) My line was cut before telling me the amount that we need to pay, so I called again.

Second call – informed them that I have placed my order already, I called just to confirm if my order was placed and how much I should prepare. Before hanging up, the lady made sure that my order was forwarded to the branch. (expected time to be delivered- after 46 minutes)

Third call – after more than 1 hour, I called to make a ff up. I was put on hold for a minute then the guy asked me to wait for a call from the branch who will cater my order. (im not sure if he mentioned MOONWALK branch)

I was waiting for the call, it’s almost 6PM and we didn’t prepare any dinner for that day, thinking that Shakey’s has confirmed our order. Tried calling other restaus preferred by my in-laws, but they can’t accommodate us anymore.

Fourth call – I called again for ff up. But this time, the lady told me that my order was CANCELLED. Because the branch cannot accommodate our order and just keep my line open bec a Manager will call me.

I’m not expecting a call from a Manager, we need dinner that time! Again, I brought my 2 kids and we have a senior waiting for your pizza. We have no dinner for Mother’s day, and I was so disappointed. We ate whatever is on the fridge and went home after.

I tried to wait for the manager to call, as advised. But received none. Received later that day a text message from Shakeys (09175387669), I’m not even sure if it was the Manager, I replied the next day and no response until now. This is so frustrating, I am with my in-laws, if you know what I mean.

I hope to receive a response from you.

COMPLAINT #14716 - Delivery Issues
Violy Carlos
I order online, reciebed confirmayion email that my order has been placed, but unfortunately no one bothers to infom me that i will not expect any deliveries within the day
Please refer to attached screen shot email for full history.
COMPLAINT #14636 - Customer Service Issues
Brefelin Jamias Robles
Hi Shakeys, I am currently here at Shakey's Paseo Sta. Rosa, Laguna today May 8, 2021 at 6:50pm. I ordered a group meal but the service crew named miles offered a different offer saying that he will increase my chicken to 8 pcs if I pay 2,200 instead. Then it went down to 2100. I paid in cash since they do not have card payment at the moment. The other service crew gave me a receipt for same order for 1,600 and change. The guy immediately returned and got my change and receipt saying that they did it wrong. They gave me my order without receipt. When I requested for receipt they insisted to give another person's receipt. I asked for the manager named Echo and he said that their POS is broken and they cannot commit how long will it take to give us receipt. So we requested for a manual receipt. After few more minutes. The orgjnal receipt with change was given to me explaining that he removed the payment for the card. Which is I believe will not cost me 800 Php. My transaction ended 7:40pm. Pls check on this modus. Let us work with honesty.
COMPLAINT #14614 - Service Issues
anne nikki dela cruz
I just want to file a complaint here at shakey’s matalino quezon city. We are so dissappointed in their service. we suggest to have a square cuts in our pizza and we already wait hours. we know the process, but when we say that we need the square cuts they only say to us that the’re going to make again for us to wait. then one of their specialist stare us. please make on action on their part., i seek for thier manager, but their manager doesn’t even talk to me. so dissappointed to that store..
COMPLAINT #14612 - Customer Service Issues
Justina Uy
I ordered through Shakeys hotline today to celebrate Mother's Day. I called at 1030am. When I was told that delivery will be at 1140am, I agreed. But, come 1230pm, there is still no delivery. So I called the hotline again to follow up. I was just told to wait for a call regarding my concern. No update whatsoever regarding what happened to my order. After 1 hour or around 130pm, I followed up again through the hotline. Again, no update was given but only to wait for a call. He even asked for my active number. He said he will inform them that I have been following up and nobody has returned my call. That was more than 5 hours ago. Still no call and no delivery. Is this how Shakeys respect its customers? No delivery, no updates even when the customer was the one calling and not the other way around when delivery will not be made. We were not able to enjoy the day because we waited for the order which never came. I am hoping this never happen to anybody else who trusted you for their happy memories. Please do something about this. Respect every order you receive because it might me a special occasion that you happen to ruin.

I will find appropriate channels to voice my complain so that this event will not happen again to anyone.
COMPLAINT #14611 - Delivery Issues
Cipriano Jerome A. Tabujara
Expired food due to late delivery
50 mins late, expected time is 3:30 pm and it was delivered 4:26 pm.
COMPLAINT #14605 - Product Issues
Christopher Andong
i am asked if im willing to wait for an hour for my takeout order to recieved but uts been 2hours and i havent got my orders yet. it almost took me forever to wait. while the grab food orders takes only max half hour..
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COMPLAINT #14603 - Customer Service Issues
Tessie Calleja
Hi I’m Tessie I did order on hot line on May 3 it’s Wednesday for delivery,since my card not yet activated .Your staff catch balisteres was so amazing and patience to assist me ,so I’m so happy with the assistance that she gave to me,Pls I will give her. Out of 10 star 9 star .mabuhay to balisteres keep up the good work
COMPLAINT #14499 - Customer Service Issues
ruben romasanta
i order ahead of time for pickup, got to your buendia branch it still took me 45mins to get an incomplete order, cannot even tell which one is good or bad burger, the reason to order ahead is to minimiz the exposure outside of residence . your people dnt know what is actually happening, look at the order pic can you tell which is which?
COMPLAINT #13787 - Customer Service Issues
Jane Ricasio
Called april 8, 12:45am, spoke to agent named buddy. Agent got all my information, however, stated no open branch at this time. WHY??? Is that shakeys SOP? Should have at least ask the location directly before getting customers information, then bring up the bad news that no branch is open at this time, moreover, putatan branch as per agent buddy, just forwarded info that the branch is closed due to sanitation. Sad to hear. Please train your agents well, check locations first before getting customers details for privacy sake!
COMPLAINT #13739 - Customer Service Issues
Guia Dungca
We park and dine, since no dine in sa loob. Yung ibang order namin dumating naman, so sabi ni ate na nag assist samin yung pizza nalang kulang. So waiting kame. Until 30 mins na wala padin, so ang sabi namin wait lang kame. Then, napansin na namin na yung mga dumating bago kame is nakaalis na. And nakikita namin na pizza din order nila. So antay pa kame baka andyan na. We try na mag busina nalang since bawal naman pumasok at to follow up nga yung pizza, pero wala pumapansin samin. Then after almost an hour nag decide kame na i move na yung car at pumunta sa medyo harap para mapansin kame. Then nakita kame nung nag assist, labas sya. Sabi namin asan na po yung pizza? Ano na nangyare? Ang sabi nya lang “ay yung pizza” then pasok sya sa store parang sinigaw nya na yung pizza asan na daw. Dahil nawalan nakame gana ang sabi namin refund nalang, then ask again nasan na yung pizza. Wala sila masagot. Means kinalimutan nila yung order namin. Our payment method kasi is card, pero nag bigay nalang sila ng cash na 521 for refund. Yung resibo di binigay kase samin since dipa complete yung order namin. Sana dina maulit yung gantong pangyayare, kasi dalawang beses na to na same branch. Nakakawalang gana. Napakabagal kumilos, pag bill out lang sobrang tagal. Shakeys in front of lourdes church paki ayos po ang serbisyo nyo.
COMPLAINT #13539 - Customer Service Issues
Joseph chicano jr
Good evening isa po akong grab rider at gusto ko lang malaman Kung tama Ang naging asta saken sa Vista mall daanghari shakeys Di ko nakuha Yung name nya pero Kaya ko idescribe Kung sino man siya LALAKE na may salamin at sya Yung nag take ng order ng mga customer na nag dining at nag assemble ng mga pagkaen para ibigay sa mga customer. shakeys preffered merchant ni grab then bago palang kame dumating sa merchant alam na nila at ginagawa na order ko pag dating ko dun nag anty ako ng 30mins bago ko ifollow up then nangyare na nga Ang 30mins pag kausap ko sa knya wala pa daw order ko binalewala ko at sabe nya nakasalang na daw may bago pa yun may dumating na ISANG customer na mag take out same order kame ng dame at presyo samantalng ako 30mins na nag aanty Yung C's na dumating nabigay na agad Yung order nya ng 20mins Di nag taka ko bakit Nauna pa yun kesa saken sabe nya saken makapal order ng customer ko at manipis Yung sa isang walk in customer Kaya 25mins daw waiting time ng saken samantalng halos 30mins na ko nag aanty bukod pa Yung page byahe ko papunta sa merchant ng shakeys tas ayun binalewala ko ulit Yung mga late customer na pumasok na mag dining sila pa una nabigyan ng order kesa saken Kaya dun na ko nag reklamo sa kanya kase 1hr waiting na ko Yung order na para saken na dapat na deliver ko na binigay pa nila sa mga bagong dating na mag dining ano ba tingin nila samen porker rider lang kame ganun ganun nalang konting respesto lang Sana tao din kame at nag hahanap buhay Sana maging fair naman sila samen at Kung tutuusin nag babayad din naman kame kase kame nag aabono ng order ng customer namin at dapat customer din Ang turing samen ng mga tao sa shakeys. sa shakeys kase kame Ang nakakaharap nila maging patas lang naman Sana nag bayad kame at pumasok dun sa merchant na shakeys dapat customer din Ang trato nila samen Di porket rider lang kame. isa pa sinabe nya pa saken pag Di daw ako tumiggil ipapa ban nya ko sa shakeys at irereport bakit ako pa ata Ang mali dun palang makikità mo na Di customer turing samen dapat Di nya ko sinabhn ng ganun DAHIL ako Ang nag abono at ako Yung nakaharap niya dapat customer din turing samen napaka unprofessional nila sobra baba ng tingin siguro Kaya ginaganun nya lang ako samantalang kameng mga rider Ang nag dadala ng benta Kung tutuusin dapat patas maging makatao lang nakakadisaappoint lang Ang nangyare na ganun Ang asta na Di ako pwedeng mag follow up at sya pa may ganang sabihin saken na ipapa ban sa shakeys ako na tong nag antay ng pagkatagal tagal halos 1hr mahigit para lang sa order ko na halagang 1400plus Sana naman maging maayos .kame may sariling customer ano man Ang mangyare natagalan sa order namin panu nalang Kung Hindi kinuha ng customer ko Yung order sa sobrang tagal Di ako lahat sasalo ng mga inabono ko nag hahanap buhay lang din po ako Sana magkaroon lang ng respeto samen at masunod Kung sino unang nag order may karapatan din kame mag follow up kase kame nag bayad nyan
Ganyan ba Yung mga empleyado na pinapasok nyo mga unprofessional na dapat mas maganda Ang customer service na ipakita nila maging sameng mga rider kase Kung tutuusin makakadagdag ng benta nyo Kung maayos makitunggo mga tao nyo sa shakeys Vista mall daanghari Sana naman mabigyan aksyon to ng Di maranasan ng ibang mga kasamahan ko at baka pa sa mga loyal customer ninyo masira DAHIL lang sa pag approach ng Di maayos ng employee maraming salamat godbless
COMPLAINT #13132 - Customer Service Issues
Kathleen bernal
I placed a party order on 3/15/21 order 2 party packages 8 large pizza and 8 large mojos came out to 217 with Inez I told her I needed it picked up by 5;45 on 3/16 . I go in 10 min prior and talked to the “supervisor” Aaron . He asked for
My name gave it to him and he looked puzzled . He stared who did you talk to and I said Inez and he oh we were never notified of the order . Ummm okay I told him well that’s a problem I need to go I said “ well you need to blame Inez” and yourself for not confirming the next day and I was like for one thing Inez didn’t say I needed to confirm then he starts laughing and making jokes . He said he can put the pizzas in and they will be done while still talking crap under his breath and again he proceeded to tell me this isn’t my fault it’s yours . I need a call back . Shakeys on van Buren in the city of riverside ca
COMPLAINT #13067 - Customer Service Issues
jenilyn aguila
GOod Day
I just want to report shakeys diversion batangas city around 5:40pm, Monday March 15, 2021,they served bucket of ice and then suddenly when I supposed to took the ice from the bucket I saw that the bucket of ice was so dirty then i called the attention of the one of staff and he called his manager and I showed him the bucket of ice and he tried to explain to me that "maybe it is a granules of coffee which made me so shock as well because how come if it is a coffee how it happened that there is something inside the bucket" what I did is I poured some to my plat and i even put may fingers inside the bucket to check if it coffee as per the manager but its actually a dirt! and they appologize for what happened they change our drinks and cup but after few second i dont know what happened to me i ran to the restroom and vommit because when i saw the bucket of ice i cant imagine how dirty i was drinking a while ago its so disgusting! and after few minutes the manager talk to us to apologize and told us if ther is something will happened to me they are the one who will shoulder the expenses for the medictation which is why we are waiting for it that someone will suffer! they should check everyhting before they served to customer FYI thaey are serving food!!!! and how i can imagine how dirty is the place that they are working with!!! they should double check everything before serving it!!!!! jasper clemeno duty manager at that time!
I will wait for the immediate action that you will do for this!!!! check the photo! below!
COMPLAINT #13004 - Product Issues
Ordered a promo packaged included 8pcs of chicken, provided only a half gravy small cup good for 8pcs..contacted the rider immediately and said he will inform the store manager but nothing happens,no one keep in touch with me, then ive reached the fb page where I order the food online same thing worst customer service, seen mode, replied late but nothing happens. Proof picture already attached twice, I can send it again if needed. Thank you

Ordered food under the name of Angela Veruasa
COMPLAINT #12931 - Service Issues
This is related to complaint number 12726. Just added the information you need about the business name and address.
Let me know where to send the complete proof as one photo is only allowed here. Thank you
Service Issues Photo

COMPLAINT #12727 - Service Issues
Rodolfo Egonia
Last February 11,2021, i dined at Shakey’s SM South mall with a friend and ordered the ffg;
1. Vegetable salad
2. Manager’s chiice pizza large
3. 3 pcs chicken with mojos
4. Beer in can 6 pcs
And I paid around 1,900 pesos plus for the above foods though I availed of the supercard promo on that the same day. I felt ....
1. Cheated
2. The senior discount and promo discount seems were not applied

According to my reliable source who worked at Shakeys other branch, I should have given the following promos ...
1. Welcome promo equivalent to one large pizza.
2. Another large pizza for availing of the supercard
3. 15% discount under the supercard
4. Senior citizen discount

Appreciate if you can investigate the above matter and update me on the status

Hope to hear from you soon.

Engr. Rodolfo Egonia
COMPLAINT #12001 - Sales Issues
alvin De Jesus
Hi Im Alvin De Jesus would like to request for a complaint against Marky Ignacio SUpervisor and Irene Venus , together THe Manager on duty in Branch of Sta Maria MAy Roque . because not allowing a discount for A Senior Discount And PWD . which says they are Mulitple DIScount . but i told them that the food is not only one person will eat but for a family size . and i was able to complaint this because i order already before in store nd using this hotline delivery they get my PWD and Senior Discount , as i know we as a PWD and Senior base on the Republic Act and COnsumers Act , they allowing and give this discount . Please contact me asap . or else i will coordinate this to DTI . and complaint to Malacanang
COMPLAINT #11710 - Delivery Issues