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khumo kgala
Dischem pharmacy Westgate, has really broken confidentiality concerning my status when a pharmacist shout out my ARV medication when servicing me . Everyone behind me could hear everything and I was ashamed.
COMPLAINT #15502 - Service Issues
Bashu Pule
Dischem owe me apology for recording wrongly that I had already received my meds. Went home 3 times and back , no apology from a lady, surname Lourens at wonderpark.No Apology From Lady Lourens, she was rude and insensitive. I received message twice on Thursday to collect my meds on Friday the 4th of June, but I worked until 7pm because I am a nurse. I only went to Dischem today, Sunday 6th June, only to be returned home 3 times, which I initially didn't have a problem with to check. But when lady Lourens turned and walked away when I was still talking to her after she assisted me, it hurt so much because the least she could said, its sorry we inconvenienced you, sorry.
COMPLAINT #15420 - Service Issues
Iam living in Kimberley. On Monday the 31st May 2021 I visted Dischem in Kimberley to buy some MCT and olive oil and a pack of tissues. When I put the olive oil into the trolley, the bottle of oil slipped out of the trolley and fall down on the floor and broke into pieces and spill the olive oil all over my boots I was wearing. I went and complained to the manager MR VAN DER WALT about the incident because my boots are totally spoiled and damaged.Its Dischem's fault because of the trolley that was unfit to use. I am a pensioner and feels my boots are destroyed. The least Dischem could do, is to give me a R200 or more, shopping voucher to refund me for the damage to my boots. I love to buy at Dischem but feel my complaint was not propperly handled and I am not satisfied with how your Kimberley branch handled the situation. I do have a friend who saw what happened and the state that damaged trolley was in. When I left the store, a worker was standing there and waited to take the trolley away. WHY WAITED UNTIL SOMEBODY EXPERIENCED A PROBLEM WITH THE TROLLEY, SHOULD IT NOT BE CHECKED BEFOREHAND TO SEE IF THE TROLLEYS WERE IN WORKING CONDITION FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS BEST SHOPPING EXPERIENCE? I HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON.
COMPLAINT #15356 - Service Issues
Karen Bergh
Good day, my name is Karen Bergh. My complaint is about your Dischem N1 City Branch Cape Town. I am a very loyal supporter of Dischem and have prayed for years for a Dischem to open at N1 City Mall.
Most times when you go to the pharmacy it is really busy especially at the dispensary.
Yesterday I had to collect my son's medication from the dispensary, of which is a antibiotic and the dr asked that we start with the medication as soon as possible to help with his pain. We stood in a line which seemed like hours. There is a total of 7 cubicles of which 3 had people assisting clients. People were turning around at one point as this line was just not moving, if this medication was not so important I would also have turned around. An elderly man was standing behind me and I felt so sorry for him, there was no bench to sit on, or staff member coming to check and apologize for the wait. It was really late already, 17.30. Eventually after a very nice pharmacist helped us we had to pay for the co payment the line at the tills was just as bad, I couldnt believe it. With 7 or 8 tills again only 3 ladies assisting. This is the norm in this pharmacy, I sometimes go during the day hoping that the lines will be shorter but 8 out of 10 times I end up leaving as I dont have time to stand in the line. It felt like visiting a state hospital pharmacy and not a private pharmacy. My son had to go to the toilet as well, and as I didnt have anyone with me to keep my place in the line, I asked him to please keep it in as hopefully we will be helped soon, which was not the case, and he ended up having a ooops in the car - he is 8 years old, can you imagine the embarrassment.
I am really upset and I hope that you jack up the service delivery at this pharmacy. I really dont enjoy going to Dischem N1 City anymore.
COMPLAINT #15110 - Customer Service Issues
On the 22 May at 11:30am I took my baby for his 12 month vaccine to the dischem in lifestyle ballito. The male nurse literally refused to help me, he told me that he is very busy and is under a lot of pressure and is finishing early at 1pm yet there was no other customers waiting.he did not even greet me. I work in a healthcare facility and I know that that behaviour is unacceptable, I was always a loyal customer at dischem, I spend thousands of rands every month and now because of his terrible behaviour I dont think I would ever want to go there. I use to always refer patients to dischem, they will also be deeply disappointed when they hear about my experience. Please send the staff for a customer service course... teach them to treat all customers with respect and dignity and not judge someone based on their race or appearance.
COMPLAINT #14968 - Customer Service Issues
Patrick Ventura
On Tuesday 18 May 2021 I asked a consultant at Dischem Ferndale on Republic for medicine to treat a bloody nose.
He advised that Beclate Aquanase was the best for my problem.I purchased the product R61.50, Cashier 135195 N.Shibe RXP-202723.
I was not 100% happy with the consultants choice but took it home to try. I picked up 2 nose bleeds within 1 hour. I took the trouble to check the product on the internet only to find that it was incorrect.
I returned to Dischem today 19 May to request a refund. All I obtained from the consultant was an argument.I then went to Dischem Ferndale on Republic and showed the product sold to me. They confirmed that it was not suitable to treat nose bleeds.
COMPLAINT #14879 - Product Issues
Mr T. K Zhanda
This morning at approximately 10am at Oliver Tambo Airport,I asked Mokhadi Rametse (Dischem Airport) for a pen, she works at the Dischem (next to the security checkpoint) and she very (rough treatment) rudely refused, the pen was required for completing forms at the security check point. I approached her a few minutes later and asked for her name which she gave me and told her that i would lodge a complaint about her. As i was walking away, she then went on a tirade yelling and screaming for 5 minutes stating the pen is hers, its not the companies, that she refused the pen because she doesnt want to contract
Corona, its her pen she can do what she wants with it, i can lodge the complaint if i want to. The point is well shes in her right to refuse with her pen, my greivance is the manner in which she did so. As a customer of Dischem, do we not deserve respect, should she not treat all of us with respect and dignity. Shes the ultimate example of bad customer service and surely she should know and do better.
COMPLAINT #14792 - Customer Service Issues
Eddie Kampher
Good day

This is to please ask that your next customer not be treated the same as I have earlier today.

I phoned for information on wheelchairs as my dad may be needing one shortly. My dad has medical aid cover, does not live in Kimberley, but in a town about 2 hours away. When I asked that the person provides me with pictures of the different wheelchair options and their prices, she blatantly refused. She made it clear that if she does it for me, she will have to do it for all your customers.

Very dissapointed, I stumbled upon wheelchair pictures on your website as I was looking for an online way to lay this complaint. It makes her response even more sad. She could've simply referred me to that page with the wheelchairs on your website. Instead she advised that I drive all the way to Kimberley, physically visit your store, decide on a wheelchair and submit to the medical aid for authorisation and payment. This may mean having to drive back home and once the medical aid gives approval, drive to your store again. It is really quite painful to be reminded of how people in small rural towns are being treated in this day and age still.

Please know that I am in the process of looking for another provider of wheelchairs as well. If however, I do not find another one and am forced to buy from your store, it will be with a very heavy heart.

Kind regards
COMPLAINT #14587 - Customer Service Issues
Cameron Klaasen area manager at the new store in cape town.
Vasco Da Gama branch my complain was log on the 7 April I'm still waiting on feedback the incident took place in the store where I as a customer was treated unfairly utterly embarrassment all because a consultant ws not trained properly lack of customer service and no empathy please assist me
COMPLAINT #14290 - Other Issues
Good day, trust this finds you well.

My name is Michelle, my daughter janisa was at the dispenser to get some medicine on her medical card. She has been many times before and we never had a problem.my daughter is under her father medical aid card and he pass away four years ago and left an insurance to continu medical aid until she 21. She has a card with her details on. In four years we never had a problem nore ever had been asked from Diachem for proff that her card. She asked my 15 year for an ID or driver's license, my daughter proseded to say she under age on 15 she doesn't have that.

Robin the lady question then got aggregate with her and said well how do I know it you.
I was shopping for my stuff close by when I heard my daughter call out for me. I got to the lady and she was so rude and I said how must she prove it. She says must go home and get birth certificate. I was so angry and said that a first I have ever been ask of that a dischem. I was there last week and never been asked of that. She then says it's rule and I said it's never been asked. Let's not forget she rude she raises her voice and that was me me I shouted called her names. I asked for a manager she say there is no manager there.
She then leaves us to serve someone else and I'm waiting for her then I ask her and say what am I waiting for, she says when she done she call for a manager after telling me there was not one. I wait she then serves another person. I'm still waiting with my daughter when she carries on serving other people next to me.
I asked how long am I waiting for mangers, she turns around says when she done serving others.

I think it's discussing as I and my old father shop there and I will differently not ever go there again.

I told her I will take this further.

I took me pic of her and time I was waiting at that and I did record her when asking how long am I waiting.

I work with alot of clients that go there and I'll be sure to talk about experience I had.

Maybe hello Peter should view this.

I'm discussed at her work ethic and left to go somewhere else to get what I needed as my old sick father was waiting in the heat for all this.

I always said the staff there are amazing until I dealt with Robin.


Many thanks
COMPLAINT #14255 - Customer Service Issues
Juana Horn
I was awareded two vouchers by Vodacom, for R25 discount off each R250 spent at Dischem. I filled up my basket at Dischem Kenilworth Centre, CT, on understanding i would get a discount of R50. When i got to till,first error msg was that my voucher had been used before. this is a lie, and can be verified by checking action on my account. Then i waited for 20 minutes (my own patients waiting for me at my practice) while a very helpful cashier Ms S Kokote tried hard to get the Dischem wi-code support line. No-one answered, she was given a second no., no-one answered. i was expected to wait around while four staff members tried to sort out what is an internal Dischem problem. Meantime one voucher was accepted and processed. after 20 mins i asked to see store Manager, a Mr Soules who was astonishingly disinterested and unhelpful, casually saying nothing he could do, and i should try again next time i shop (by which time both vouchers would be expired, one was for 23 April, the other for April 25). PLEASE ADVISE WHAT ACTION YOU WILL TAKE TO ENSURE THAT I AM REIMBURSED R25 FOR A LEGITIMATE, CURRENT AND VALID VOUCHER, IRRESPECTIVE OF THE DATE ON WHICH YOU PROCESS THIS, SINCE I WAS THERE TODAY, APRIL 19, WELL BEFORE EXPIRY DATES OF BOTH.
COMPLAINT #14067 - Customer Service Issues
Thulani Tsotetsi
I attended to the Dischem in Maponya to collect my Meds as well as my fiancé's, and was the forth instance on the 13th day of April 2020. On arrival was given my meds and was refused to be given my fiancé medication. I then asked the reason thereof because i have been collecting hers as well three times already. I was told that i need to bring her actual ID as i had her ID in my phone. The sad part of this is that there is no notice in the dispensary indicating that we have to bring the actual ID. Also on the card to collect meds there is no where it say they want the actual ID. The card is attached here in. I have explain to the manager known to be Sali Sali Amundala did not want to hear my plea to him simply refuse to give me meds and left leave me standing by the counter. My fiancé is in Durban and she needed this meds hence the id was sent via my phone. its her chronic meds this manager did not care of our lives. Further that i was supposed to have collected the meds on the 31st of March 2021 and was late in collection that is not the Dischem problem but not we out of stock of the meds. His conduct risk our lives in refusing to give me medication that i have been collecting the same three times in the dispensary. He is supposed to have put a notice in the dispensary if he does not agree with what is written on th card to collect the medication. No where where thy say they need an actual ID.
COMPLAINT #13982 - Service Issues
Shouneez Cupido
im very upset my mom and husband was at the dis chem store in edenvale to get the flu vaccination the nurse was so rude through a folder at my husband they are racist and treated us badly...this dis chem needs to be closed I will definitely take this matter further our colour of our skin we get treated badly...Dis chem is the worst!!my 4 year old son was also in the store.This woman as well as the manager will pay.
COMPLAINT #13950 - Service Issues
Good day

I was in your East London Hemingways branch on the 8th April 2021 and bought 10 Caribbeantan C product which on the shelf it said when you buy any 2products of Caribbeantan you get 1 free gift FOR 2 PRODUCTS but i was given one from the store claiming they finished and they will get back to me. Today is the 4th day and I have heard anything from the store. I am not happy with the service I received and not getting what was promised on the advertisement. I've attached the ad that I found next to the product.I have the purchase slip as proof of purchase.
Hope to you from you and fix this as I need to get the free gifts as promised.

COMPLAINT #13946 - Sales Issues

Today i was at your branch in Rynfield Terrace shopping centre Benoni. Mr D Pieterson was so rude to me when i asked him advise what i could drink for pain on the side of my back. His answer was shoulders up i dont know. Last week i collected my repeat and got home where they did not complete my repeat. This is why i went back today to collect my tablets which they forgot and help. Attitude sucks. Adverts always say.... Speak to your pharmacist.
COMPLAINT #13661 - Customer Service Issues
My mother of 85 need to receive her eyedrops (xalacom) cold. In other words on an icepack. This never happens with delivery. The bottle is always sort of warm at the time it reaches her.
COMPLAINT #13503 - Delivery Issues
Bontle Mogonediwa
I called Southgate Dischem to enquire about the amount of the rabies vaccine which I was told it's R70 per shot, well I then called my daughter to go buy at Dischem Southgate since they were less compared to other competitors. But then I was shocked when she called and told me she paid R500 per shot, I then called back and was transferred to the clinic and asked why did they charge her R500 instead of R70 and the nurse in charge said it was not her probably the other nurse who said that! I was so disappointed in the incompetency of the people we trust with our lives...some phones are work phones and record conversations! I have it in recording but then it shows that one should enquire face to face inlike call.
COMPLAINT #13472 - Other Issues
Yashi Seetal
Appointment made for the 27th March for injections for my son who has had cancer twice testosterone injections and my daughter with Cerebral Palsy in a wheel chair Depo-Vera contraceptive injections.

Appointment made 11 weeks ago for 12:00 at Dischem Sandton arrived at the store the clinic is closed . No call or SMS to advise me .

This is the third time it has happened.
The rest of my complaints are far to long to write down can some one call me
COMPLAINT #13454 - Customer Service Issues
I handed in my repeat scripts at Dischem Ferndale on Republic the 24th March 2021. I went yesterday to collect them and they were no where to be found they were never captured on the computer. Now I have to pay for scripts to be printed out again via my dr.
About 2 months back my mother handed in her scripts and they were captured on my name. By the same pharmacists. This is unacceptable
COMPLAINT #13424 - Customer Service Issues
Good afternoon Sir/Madam
Hope ill get a response soon, i went to Jabulani dischem i was so disappointed about the service i got the from the lady Lerato, she took her time to assist me than after she refuse to take the product she told me that she will talk to the supplier first and she will come back to me and she didn't. P. Matamela
COMPLAINT #13298 - Product Issues