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Richard Clapp
This is a repeat of a complaint that is not resolved.

I purchased on 31/12/20 a Salmon platter from your Outlet in Port Alfred E Cape, a New Year’s Eve treat for my wife & I.

The salmon content of the platter was tasteless, totally lacking flavor

For the price paid by a Pensioner this was not value for money and a great disappointment.

The good lady at your HQ who dealt with the earlier complaint said that H Office would talk to Port Alfred and ask them to contact me.

That to date has not happened

Would you please follow this up.

With kind regards

R Clapp. ID. 3909055272180

COMPLAINT #10882 - Product Issues
NP Mbitshana
I can't even being to describe the poor quality of the food these days that is beung served at the restaurant. The calamari is not fresh the fish is of poor quality. The butter and garlic source is lower grade. The old waiters have an attitude they don't listen to customers requests. The place is in a mess. If one has been ocean basket customers for years like myself...its very easy to see all these wrong things. I only eat seafood and I know what ocean basket is capable and able to serve. Yet, clearly Ocean Basket Clearwater is not doing justice...and this has been happening for sometime even before lockdown started.

Training your waiters or bring in well trained quality waiters...then advise them to always ask if the customer wants the lemon butter on their food...they must not assume that all customers want it or they even know that their food comes with lemon butter poured all over their food.

COMPLAINT #10585 - Product Issues
Tanya Pillay
Good afternoon
I had a terrible experience with ocean basket gateway on Friday.
The store closed at 3 because it was new year's day. I placed an order for pick up at 2
When i got home with my platter for 2 the calamari n squids were literally like rubber. Had only 8 calamari and the rest squids.the mussels were extremely salty
I called in Saturday morning spoke to the manager and explained.
He told me he was going to get investigate and get back to me on Saturday. Its now Sunday afternoon and no response. What type of management is that?Very bad service. For such an expensive meal and to receive service like this is terrible
COMPLAINT #10576 - Service Issues
We went to ocean basket Clearwater mall branch on the 03.01.2021. Upon arrival we went through all the covid 19 procedures the a Male staff allocated a seating for us. After that he was gone for good. We sat patiently for more than 40 minutes.. we then got frustrated because we could see customers who came long after us, being served. We call for the attention of a female staff who was passing by to other customers. She then asked and took our order. Though she was nice, we still have to keep sitting in boredom till almost an hour in total waiting time... unfortunately we walked out of frustration... like we can keep begging for food that we are going to pay for... I'm really disappointed in ocean basket Clearwater mall.
COMPLAINT #10574 - Customer Service Issues
OB Galleria .food was served cold .rice had no salt. Wrong items served as compared to what was ordered.the cocktail was a joke.manager on duty was called in to assist.
COMPLAINT #10000 - Customer Service Issues
Nobantu Mokoena
While we were still eating, a lady came with a broom and a bin, gave us a funny look. There after left her broom and bin next to our table. No one bothered to do anything 2 people went past it and jumped it with no thought as to move it,till I asked them about it. This is 8:30pm. 8:50pm same lady (chubby light skinned) went past singing asambeni. I thought the place closes at 9pm?
COMPLAINT #9298 - Customer Service Issues
Bevan Petersen
Myself and my wife had lunch at Ocean Basket Plumstead today (29/11) , upon entering the store, the waiter could not find hand sanitizer and looked very lost trying to find it. My wife then informed him she has her own.
Shortly before we sat down at our table, we informed that they had no more mussels in stock, as we sat down we were then told that they also had no bread in stock, my wife ordered a chocolate milk shake and I ordered a strawberry milk shake and we were then told that ice cream is also out of stock, I changed my order to cappuccino, which I returned twice as it tasted horrible, as if the coffee machine wasn't cleaned in long time, the coffee was eventually removed from the bill.

We ordered 1 hake and calamari and calamari and chips, the food was just as terrible as the rest of our experience, I am still nauseus as I am typing this email, please check how frequently the oil gets changed,it is nauseating eating a meal like that.

We spent R400 at this store and we were utterly disappointed in all aspects of our experience.
COMPLAINT #9189 - Product Issues
Eslin Meyer
I ordered lunch a platter for 2 as a take away at Somerset Mall. I gave my phone number and name. When my wife went to fetch it, she was told there was no order. That was after 30 minutes. Then the manager claimed my wife said she came for fish and chips. My order was a platter for 2. She paid it and brought it home. I then phoned the manager and was never so disgusted with the answers ai received. Firstly he said my wife said it was fish and chips what rubbish. I threw the fish and chips in the bin.
COMPLAINT #4337 - Service Issues
Isobella gidish
From starter to Main dishes. Food had to be send back twice to no avail. Chips undecooked and fish overcooked. Kiddies nuggets undercooked - send it back still came back undercooked. All four main meals sub standard. Worst Ocean basket that we have eaten at.
COMPLAINT #1487 - Product Issues