Cashiers need to learn how to deal with clients - Consumer Complaint for Clicks Store - Head Office

I visited Clearwater clicks on the 8th of June.. I always shop at Clicks Clearwater for the 1st time I have been humiliated buy your cashiers making a joke of me to other clients. I had to turn a go back and ask the cashier if they are making a joke of me and laughting on my account.If you wanna make a remark of customers don't do it while they are still in at the till point wait at least for them to leave than laught. I came back to speak the managers on duty to explain what had transpired. I am not happy with your cashiers... If they wanna laugh and make jokes of at customer they should be in a comedian field... I feel that I was humiliated by your cashier... Also keep in mind I have 18 staff works under me and if that happened in front of me as a manager I would displine my staff... I will never shop at click Clearwater my scripts that I have with your pharmacy will no longer be renewed with this store..
COMPLAINT #15508 - Customer Service Issues
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