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My name is Rachel Cupido I use buy there items but I have problem Saturday and Sunday morning my kettle did not go on I went to clicks in Grassy park and I have my proof and club card the kettle bowl there but i told her the kettle don't bowl at my house cant she give me other kettle because the guarentee is not finish yet she say there is nothing she cant do I was very upset to hear that went I come home the kettle don't want to bowl I put my macrovawe on it work my plugs at home is working but that lady upset me I am not happy for the service I will never buy electric appliances by yours the way she treat me it wasted on I hope u will see the matter as soon as possible
COMPLAINT #6491 - Product Issues
Petrus J. B. Jonker
On 13/9 i collected my med at CLicks west end Kleksdorp which was already made up. On the 17th when i wanted to use my med i realized that the dopaquel that i have to take was not as what i was used to using. So without a nights sleep i went back and discovered that the wrong mg amount was issued. I use 100mg and 25mg was issued. I had to travel 50km to town to rectify this. So 100km in a week to get the correct med. This is unacceptable. Mr T. Marumo the one handling the prescription. The question now also is who was the pharmacist that signed of the prescription. This means double Negligence by both employees. This kind of negligence is unacceptable for professional employees
This excludes the traveling cost on my expense. Departmetal steps must be taken against this employees. I am also of the opinion that i should be compensated for my travelling cost due to negligence of your employees. This is not the first time i am experienced from clicks. I am also lodging a complaint with polmed to move my cronic to another provider. Feedback is being awaited.
COMPLAINT #6443 - Customer Service Issues
sefikile nkomo
good day i would like to complain about clicks festival mall, dispensary section, as a loyal customer i had been purchasing my medication with medical aid since 2015, today 17/09/2020.At around 14:00 i went to purchase my medication, the gentleman who was assisting me said i need to produce my ID in order purchase my medication, he was so rude.I didnt like the way he handle the situation he scanned the products and few minutes later he changed his mind and requested ID book, i felt like i was treated like a criminal as if he didnt trust me that the medical aid card bellowed to me, i felt disrespected and undermined. As a result i dont feel the need to purchase anything from clicks after this incident, as from today am going to purchase my products at dischem
COMPLAINT #6422 - Customer Service Issues
Hope Fenner
Lost my atm card last sunday on 6th had to wait until Tuesday to report it because of holiday.Apparently was used after that overdrawing my account and I'm paying for it Well NOT happening I didn't have an atm card so wasn't me!Also we don't answer the phone at this company tried for 2 days
COMPLAINT #6365 - Billing or Collection Issues
Wendy Ntseke
On this dateq4 September I took my mother to clicks at LETLHABILE mall. On the que at the self service line we drew a number 119 ticket. There came gentlemen after us and a young lady after them. She had ticket 121 was called first by the male pharmacist who worked there so we asked how that works as no ticket is called and we happened to be there before her. The answer we got from the young lady was "that is how they work"

I requested the pharmacist to point me at the direction of the manager as I needed to know how is it they work the way they work.

There was no policy no me date or indication put up at the door or pharmacy point where it was explained how is tit line is jumped to help others.

No one in the store knew of this it was as shocking to me as it was to the shop manager that came later to understand what the commotion was about.

Please fix this I work in a health facility where people expert good service for money they bring in.

What ever happened to mutual trust and respect?

Dr WENDY Ntseke

COMPLAINT #6312 - Customer Service Issues
Frederick Johannes Stoffberg
I am absolutely appalled that senior management could not contain the EFF riots. Not only was it to the detriment of your staff but also to the South Africa public who are your clients
The fact that your management did not have the guts to call on the assistance of specialized security in order to protect your premises and the safety, say a lot about your attitude to those who keep you in bussiness. To the bow over backward to satisfy these whims of the EFF is just not acceptable.
Even worse is that you dismissed the staff who were supposedly responsible for the offending advertisement.
Shame on you for being so weak. If I was accosted by the thugs who terrorized your stores and I had a firearm, I would also have used it in self defense.
In addition to all of this some of your staff at your Bredasdorp branch is not capable to do their jobs. One must almost always correct the one or other issue. The details are too many to repeat here.
I have therefore decided to not any longer shop at Clicks or get my monthly medication (which runs to an amount exceeding R4 000)
Yours not very sincerely
Frik SToffberg
082 7480311
COMPLAINT #6309 - Other Issues
Linda Nqiwa
On the 27th of August 2020, just before 17h00, I went to Clicks Sable Square to pick up monthly chronic medication. I arrived at the Pharmacy, stood in a queue on the side of prescriptions, where I always pick up the medication. There was a lady who was busy who was busy behind the counter but her back was towards the counter, she turned around with something like medication on her hand and disappeared somewhere behind the counter. On the other side, there were two pharmacists who were busy with other clients.I waited until the one who was at the counter closer to where I was standing finished. I expected her to assist me but instead I stood there for some time while she was staring at the PC infront of her. She got up, looked at me and continued walking towards the direction where the other lady disappeared to. She came back and just went to the counter where she was sitting, and looked at me and continued staring at the PC. I saw a guy in a white coat and asked him whether there was any chance that I would get assistance as everyone is just looking at me and not interested in assisting me. By that time, I was already irritated, the guy went in one of the isles, waved at the pharmacist who was sitting infront of the PC and pointed at me. The lady Pharmacist said to him, I am being helped by the lady that was there when I first arrived, and the guy shooked his head, and the lady went to the one that she thought was helping me, whom by then was back infront of the counter but busy on the shelves.She asked her if she was helping me and she just said no and continued doing whatever she was doing. The two of them were then talking softly,and I was still waiting. I then asked them is that how Clicks treat their customers now, I asked them how do they pass someone, who is a customer and at Pharmacy, and that I deserved better service than what they are giving me. The lady who was there when I arrived was very rude, she responded by saying "Okay fine lets forget about that now, what do you want?" and I said "excuse me? is that how you address a customer who is aggrieved?" and she responded by saying do I need help or not. That's when I told her that I am not there to ask for handouts or beg for anything, she just rolled her eyes and then I walked out, after wasting so many minutes in the queue where there was no other customer. I therefore would speak to my medical aid and move my chronic medication to another Chemist that is not Clicks as it is not the first time I am complaining about the service at Sable Square branch. I am not sure where the staff were taken from but they are all unprofessional. This makes me not to want to deal with Clicks at all.
Reply by Frederick Johannes Stoffberg on 14 September, 2020
Sorry that you had to go through this ordeal. As a client you are entitled to service. Good for you, I am also taking my business to another pharmacy.
COMPLAINT #6261 - Customer Service Issues
I have sent someone to buy me baby aqueous cream June month because I was starting my maternity leave and got a baby July I used it on my baby without checking expiry baby started to get rashes the whole body I thought it's heat rash.i have stop using it.and the rash stopped when I check the date it's expired and not this year but 2 years back 2018 like really? And it has damaged my baby skin because I had to use strong ointment to get rid off cuticura because the ointment I got from the doctor didn't work either.i would like to appload pictures but choose file doesn't allow me to open it
COMPLAINT #6237 - Product Issues
Leonard Immelman
Kindly note that I tried to send this complaint on the date of incident, but unfortunately your website sent an error message.
On 15/08/2020 I went to the Clicks Goodwood branch to collect my medication.
The shop was not very busy but when i got to the point of paying i noticed that there was a very long row standing all the way back to the pharmacy area. I then asked my wife to stand in the row so that i can go to the front and see what the hold- up was. As so many times before, i found only two pay points open.
I started looking for assistance from the floor but could only found one lady that was busy but was prepared to try to get hold of the manager. She came back to me and told me the manager will come and speak to me. As i also started getting support from other customers because they were also not happy but, nobody had the will to complaint. As i was waiting near the front i noticed about six ladies all coming from the rear of the shop to man the pay points, The row immediately started moving and i went back to where I left my wife in the row. As i reached the front i went to customer service and asked one of the ladies where the manager was and what his or her name was,. She did not even know what her managers name was or maybe was to hesitant to give it to me, A young man by the name of Jacques came to me and introduced himself as the assistant manager and asked me if he can assist. I then explained to him that i as an 67 year old customer and have experience this bad service before and will take this matter further. He told me the manager Chitswin is busy and i will have to wait for him. I was so upset for the time wasted and being in an unsafe environment because of COVID-19 that i walked out of the shop as a very unhappy customer and this is the reason for this complaint.
My question is, are there so many people today that just demand jobs but are not prepared to do their work and is not even available although on duty? Where were these people when the queues were long and why does the manager not manage his staff to the benefit of the customers
COMPLAINT #6141 - Customer Service Issues
Nomvuyo Mbokazi
I am writing to mainly enquire if it is legit for the staff to buy items for the public using staff discounts?
My perception is that Clicks contributes greatly towards the destruction of families as mostly the female staff buys items at discounted prices for males who are not related to them and this leads to affairs. If it is legit can we at least all be granted the access for the staff to buy for us at staff price even as strangers or normal prices? The previous special that ended 19th August, do you know what the staff does with them, they don't own these things as these things are sent off to other households. I sometimes even wonder if they buy these items or take them without payment. Please train your female stuff to be professional at all times. Men will always come in and go out of the store and it does not mean they need to have affairs with them. This is happening in many stores but those in Nkomazi Area (Malelane) are worst. Imagine:Can a Cashier afford to buy a "male friend" a gift from Clicks worth R1500 - R2500 from the personal salary? Hence i say their take without payment, or rather steals from Clicks.
COMPLAINT #6101 - Other Issues
Amanda Mkhwanazi
Dear Vikesh,

At the outset I will say that as a black African woman I am very disappointed about the advert that you guys sat and brainstormed, crafted, put together, approved and sent out to your customers and the world. This was a damaging decision, not to your image of your company since you do not care much about it, but to a black child. We all know that marketing is a process, it's not a matter of waking up and just posting a picture with a caption. To me this was a reflection of how ungrounded this company is. It showed me that you are clueless about the customers you are serving even as you claim to have tried to rope in suppliers for black people natural hair products. It showed me that you are not genuinely providing black people natural hair products because you care and wish to cater for your diverse customers. It seems to be about the maximisation of profits.

I am disappointed that you chose to be listed amongst the racist companies who have apologized and promised to change. It makes me wonder where you have been for the past years where companies and people in positions of setting a better example for our kids continue to create confusion and doubt to a black child.

While you are busy telling us that you will ensure the safety of your customers and employees as there have been calls of protest and for you to close down your shops, I wish you could have cared about the safety of your customers and employees before releasing that distasteful advert - threatening a black child's confidence and freedom to enjoy who they are. THAT ADVERT WAS A THREAT TO A BLACK CHILD. You cannot be claiming to want to protect your customers and employees now that people who you have hurt and offended have decided to react to your threat and disrespect to a black child/person. Do not forget that some of the people who want to protest against you include your customers who you claim to care about. Allow them to express their anger and dismay the way they wish because the truth is that you insulted who they are.

As a black child and a mother of black children and coming from a black family, I was born this way and you have no right to tell me how to look. You must learn to accept people for who they are and how our creator made us.

I am very disappointed, however, I am looking forward to your updates about all that you have promised in your letter.

Amanda Mkhwanazi - a proud black child
COMPLAINT #6099 - Advertising Issues
Sashqia Boshoff
On August 8th 2020 I went to Clicks at the Waterfall Mall in Rustenburg to pick up my medication which was paid for but had to be ordered because it was out of stock.

Mariett Smit assisted me. While waiting at the counter Ms Smit asked me twice if I didn't collect the medicine already on the 3rd of August. After answering her properly and clearly the first time, she asked me a second time which created the impression that she believed I was lying to her. I had to tell her that I wasn't even in town before she believed me.

While sorting out the medicine which she collected from the back, I told her that I had a second script which I would also like to get the medicine off. 

I gave her the original script as well as a script of my father.

Ms. Smit told me that I wasn't allowed to have a second script and that it was against the law.  I explained to her that the Doctor gave me the script so that I can get my medication ahead of time in order to avoid the Doctor's office and shops because of the Corona pandemic. She told me a second time that it was illegal and that she won't assist me.

I told her that I take offence that she is making me out to be a criminal and that I take it very personally because my husband is in Law Enforcement and I will never do anything illegal. I explicitly told her that it is an original Doctor's script so it is not illegal.

Ms. Smit then called the manager on duty, Ms. Khutjisho Shaku. I explained to Ms. Shaku that I was at the Doctor who gave me a second script in order to avoid having to go to the Doctor's office because of this Corona pandemic that we are facing as I knew my script at Clicks would expire soon. Ms. Shaku also refused to assist me.

I saw that Ms. Smit was about to write on my original script and told her to give it back to me. I told her that I will go to a pharmacy who will assist me. She refused to give me back my script and I managed to grab one from her which was my father's script.

She already started writing on my original script and stopped when I managed to physically take the one script from her myself. I then called Ms. Shaku back to tell Ms. Smit to give me my script back and not to write on it.

Ms. Shaku then also confirmed that Ms. Smit was not allowed to write on my script and gave it back to me. 

Ms. Smit went to the back.

I asked Ms. Shaku to give me the name and surname of Ms. Smit which she didn't want to do. She kept on telling me to calm down even though I was calm and talked in a neautral voice.

I kept on asking her for Ms. Smit's name and surname as I wanted to report the incident. Ms. Shaku refused to give the information to me and said that I could report her instead.

I had to stand at the counter and wait untill Ms. Smith returned to her till. I then wrote down her name and surname which I saw on the name badge that she was wearing.

She then said that I could report her because she was just doing her job. I  told her that by making me out to be a criminal is not her job as I was in possession of an original, legal Doctor's script. She then said that she didn't call me a criminal but that it is fraud. 

I find it very offensive and humiliating that I got treated this way by Ms. Smit and that she accused me of fraud and being criminal.

COMPLAINT #6090 - Service Issues
S D White
I have, on numerous occasions, complained to management at the Clicks branch at Horizon Village that I cannot move around in my wheelchair in the shop because the beginning and end of the isles are packed with displays and are also way to close to the dispensary division. I cannot get around in the shop without bumping things off and in places I can't even get to an isle. I've complained about this to management who have an absolute don't care attitude. They say that they can't do anything about the situation because the head office tells them how to arrange the the isles and displays. PLEASE SORT THIS PROBLEM OUT. There are many more wheelchair bound people that can't shop in that branch because it is NOT WHEELCHAIR FRIENDLY.
COMPLAINT #6089 - Customer Service Issues
Marleen Sieberhagen
Good day

I have ordered online on 18 Augustus. I have phoned and received a reference number 16610637 and Darren was supposed to phone me. He didn't call. Then I have sent an email and spoke to Carmen Londt. Still nothing happenend. I need those products before the weekend and I have put my order in on time. Please phone me so that we can resolve this issue because this it unacceptable.
COMPLAINT #6080 - Delivery Issues
Clicks has not bothered to get back to me on case no 16590525 , since the 20th of august . Ive been a loyal 21 year customer to one chemist in bloemfontein , Bays village to be exact . clicks should be disgusted in themselves for such terrible service . just shows you , how little clicks care you , except your money , they love your money . my advice , go spend your hard earned money somewhere else
COMPLAINT #6072 - Other Issues
Famida bhabha
There was a rude and arrogant Locam at your parkmeadows branch his name is ismael dungo. I was not the only customer he was rude and arrogant with. I have been a loyal supporter of clicks but unfortunately with his rude manners I will not be shopping at your clicks branch in parkmeadows.
COMPLAINT #6038 - Customer Service Issues
I had to walk around the store just to find someone to assist me. Then proceeded to stand in a que for over an hour due to there only being two tills open out of the six.
COMPLAINT #6010 - Customer Service Issues
Jamie Links
Clicks pharmacy has a rule that they no longer accepts scripts that were emailed to clients. My Drs continously email clicks and you guys always have an issue with finding scripts, preparing medication and having it ready for collection. I have been told that your system goes on and offline and the scripts are not always received. I have had to leave the store go to the Dr and get a physical copy multiple times and return to clicks. I also do not have a car or licence and this leads to to me missing my chronic meds due to transportation issues and not being able to return the same day. The meds cannot be claimed early due to the medical aid payment processes.

This system that has been put in place is absolutely ridiculous and leads to multiple problems for clients especially with timing and getting other businesses done. No one has time to spend hours at clicks. I would love to know what your solutions would be because the pharmacists also seem to have no clue on how to speed up this process and do their jobs efficiently.
COMPLAINT #5981 - Customer Service Issues
Myrtle Naidu
My partner's doctor had engaged in a telephonic consult because of a Covid 19 outbreak at the Akeso PMB Hosiptal and had emailed a repeat prescription to me. I had visited our local Clicks Pharmacy (Blackburrow Road) Hayfields Pietermaritzburg on 3 August 2020 & had collected the medication. I then visited the store on Monday 31 August to fetch the repeat medication only to be told by Evashni Tilluk that I needed the original prescription or the doctor may email it to the store directly. I asked to see the pharmacy manager and was addressed by Ms Bianca Rajah who then confirmed what Ms Tilluk had said. I then said I will call my doctor and have the prescription emailed to the store but requested the store to deliver my medication. I was told by Ms Tilluk that my request cannot be actioned at that moment as Clicks Pharmacy does not have that facility if the prescription is not in hand. Ms Rajah also confirmed that I would have to inform them telephonically. I then stated that it is almost impossible to get through the pharmacy as I have tried on may an occasion; without much success. I was then told by both staff that I would then have to come into the store to inform them about delivering the medication, which to me did not make sense as I could then fetch the medication myself.

The following day I fetched the original prescription and went into the store. I was attended to by Ms Sayuri, on her identification badge it stated she was the pharmacy manager. I relayed the previous days incident to her. She then called Ms Tilluk to ask her why couldn't they action delivery of medication once the prescription had been received. Ms Tilluk she insisted all she had said to me was to call the store telephonically to arrange delivery, when I confronted her about this directly called me a liar in front of many customers present,she stormed off and said she doesn't have time for this nonsense. I called her back as I was still talking to her trying to resolve this issue when she stormed off in a huff in the presence of the pharmacy manager and many customers present. I am a regular customer of Clicks Pharmacy for the past 10 years and have always received excellent service from Adora; Andile; Bryce & Thobani.

I find the attitude of this staff member to be the most appalling breach of customer service etiquette I have ever been subjected to. I hope that this matter is addressed and certainly no other customer is subjected to this level of discourtesy.

Myrtle Naidu

COMPLAINT #5946 - Customer Service Issues
Lisa Hendricks
Good day.
Your employee Zenande Nkalweni (Pharmacy assistant) was at Specs 4 Africa to collect spectacles. I do not work for the Optometrist I work for the doctor who shares the premises/ shop with the Optometrist. The optometrist receptionist was on lunch (2pm-2:30pm) I advised her of that. She insisted on me giving her the receptionist personal cell number. I informed her that i do not have the permission to issue her number. I instead gave her the landline number and advised her to call back at 2:30 or come back at that time. She then threw the pamphlet at me and called me stupid. I informed her that there is no need to be rude that i am trying to assist her and she replied saying that i am not helping I am being stupid.
I found this whole incident to be extremely unacceptable and upsetting as she was wearing her white pharmacy coat. What kind of image is she setting for Clicks. Is this the type of employees representing the Clicks brand. I tried to assist her even though I do not work for the Optometrist yet i got called stupid. Her behavior was disgusting. What is really sad is that she was wearing her Clicks Pharmacy coat.
COMPLAINT #5905 - Other Issues