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Jacqui Monteiro
I've been awaiting a refund for more than 2months already.After numerous emails the person who responded via email said that they were not working from the office but promised that after my banking details were sent that the refund would take between 14/18 days to show in my account.Its been an absolute nightmare,especially after explaining how dire my circumstances were.
COMPLAINT #3236 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Timothy Laubscher
Good day...your store in atlantis had 1 staff member test positive for the virus and now they refuse to test all the other staff members they say they must make they own plans to go test themselves this is irresponsible they didnt send anybody home to shelf isolate all is back at work nobody was tested and the shop is open.
COMPLAINT #3201 - Other Issues
Alex Mackinnon
Hi I got a script e mailed to me as I'm in lockdown. The clicks refused to dispense. Implying fraud. I'm not happy at all. Feel poorly treated and will not go back.
COMPLAINT #3197 - Customer Service Issues
On the 9th May 2020 i purchased a electronic product from Clicks using their online shopping platform. Online it clearly stipulates in bold that your package will be ready between 1-3 working days. Till today i have not received my package, i spoke to some Abraham from their call center, who informed me that Clicks was suppose to send me a code via sms which will be used to redeem my purchase in-store and that it is 1 to 7 working days ( where the F is 7 days written online?, if i had know that i would have never bought it online, it still says 1-3 working days today), as for Abraham, what a bad attitude and incompetence.
Guess what, i never received it and i called numerous times, even sent emails asking where the code is with no luck. i got frustrated to a point were i was willing to just get my refund and move on to a more organised and professional outlet, they refused.

Fast forward, needing my package urgently i went to the store it was supposed to be delivered to, the stuff was very helpful but had to follow the rules and could not either refund me or give me the another package which was the same as the one i bought. After i sent an email requesting the code these simpletons still could not help. Clicks has absolutely no care for customer experience, Why rush to an online platform for customers if you do not have the experience to run it effectively?

Because they refuse to even refund me since they clearly cannot fulfill a simple online order. I would not recommend anyone to purchase anything online from Clicks , you will be sorry, stick to the stores even on this lockdown, the store employees have more experience than the fools online.

This has really changed my views on my favorite shop, i am even moving my future purchases to Dischem. I employ you to please ask Takealot for help, they are the Kings in this field.

COMPLAINT #3117 - Delivery Issues
Ma Mkhize
I went into Clicks Bellville yesterday to buy my monthly essentials with no issues whatsoever. I received excellent service and the staff were professional as usual.

Today I go to Clicks Erica Square and I am told by security to leave my bag on the floor near the entrance. The bag is a shopping cooler and I explained that it contained important items that cannot be replaced. The items aren't sold at Clicks if they're worried I'd be stealing.

I also explained that I've never not anywhere in the country or the Western Cape been told to put my shopping bag on the floor at Clicks. 

I waited for the manager but she/he was busy and I couldn't wait any longer as I have meetings and research waiting for me at home.

I am highly disappointed in Clicks. Why am I being to leave my shopping bag for the first time ever on the floor?

Honestly I am angry and dissapointed. I would never expect this kind of treatment from one of your stores. 

COMPLAINT #3066 - Service Issues
M. Mokoena
I would like to know does Clicks comply with Gov rules against Covid19, because in Pe I was in a store in Kenako and when I asked a staff member he told me that they are taking turns to be work. Not all of them are working at the same days. Then I went to Clicks in MetLife I spoke to a staff member and she told m that its business as usual there and the staff is all working there's no taking turns instead the focus is more on business making money and not even giving training to staff about this Covid 19. She even told me she was almost robbed the other day because the store closes late(5pm) without even caring about how the ones staying far get home , they are told they must be t work and when they leave they dont get transport, they can be hurt or robbed because the transport is so scarce. I was a bit disturbed by this esp since Clicks is a big company but only to find out they dont look after the people on the ground. I give respect to Clicks in Kinako because they are complying to the Covid19 rules but MetLife Clicks is not a good place. Just thought I must share this just as a concerned customer.
COMPLAINT #3051 - Other Issues
Susan Grills
Clicks Pharmacy, Oakfields Centre, Northmead, Benoni, Gauteng issued Pantoprazole Unicorn 26.02.20 and 26.03.20 in contravention of Doctor script prescribing Pantacid, stamped No Substitution Script.
The patient is registered for Chronic medication and Pantoprazole Unicorn at R246 is not within Medshield's medicine rate, consequently paid from Savings Account. Pantacid cost is within the medicine rate.
This drug (along with others) were automatically dispensed and delivered to the retirement home's Sister, for the patient. It would not be the job of the Sister to reject Pantoprazole Unicorn as it would treat the patient's condition.
As such the patient's Medical Savings has depleted by R492 to date, due to the pharmacist's negligence and total disregard for a patient's chronic medicine plan.
I want this complaint to be handled by Clicks upmost concern, an investigation into issuing the incorrect drugs and importantly the patient's Medical Savings Account to be credited with R492.
Please contact me only via email rodge***
Attached please find Clicks Claims Status
COMPLAINT #2932 - Other Issues
Adam Perros
Booked a vitality health check at Clicks Northgate on 28/02 for 12.00. Arrive on time to find nurse has left message on her door to say she will be back at 12.10!Clicks store manager calls her to find she's doing her personal shopping at PNP! Obviously she has no respect for appointments or other people's time. She gets back at 12.15 and promptly sees another patient because I'm out in the store waiting for her. When I remonstrate with her she makes no apology nor makes any attempt to stop seeing the other patient. Useless individual and a very poor advertisement for Clicks. Write to Clicks Service complaints same day and get a sort of response from Gary Erasmus on 3/03. He states that "we regard all complaints and comments from our customers in a very serious light". But its all platitudes because, despite my follow ups, I've heard nothing further and I seriously doubt there has been any sort of investigation or follow up. It's simply outrageous the Clicks thinks they can get away with such poor service and dis-respect.
COMPLAINT #2747 - Service Issues
Joy Nkuna
I am writing to you with a heavy heart with the terrible customer service I just experienced at Clicks Mall of the South. I had recently purchased a grooming device at Clicks Mfula; however when I arrived home with an eager to use the device to my disappointment the device didn't not work. I tested the device with two separate different brands of batteries which normally work on other devices at home, the grooming device still failed to work. This then brought me to the conclusion that the device clearly does not work. I was traveling on the day of purchase hence why I could not return the particular device at the store originally bought at. On Thursday evening I returned the device to Clicks Mall of the South for an exchange. Susan Khanyile asked one of the store assistants to test the device, but the device was working in stores with their own batteries. I saw a much better product for the same price and told Susan that this device was tested with several battery brands and the batteries work on other devices but not the particular device. I had just went to see something in store; and as they were testing I heared Susan yelling "Baphi la ba ntwana" simply translated where are these kids as I was with my partner. This was an insult to me because how to you address a customer as a kid, as I am a grown adult. I told Susan and the store assistant that I understand the device is working here however I am not satisfied with the product and I see a much better product than the one I initially bought for the same price, as a result I would like an exchange on the product. Susan proceeded to call Lucky who supposedly happens to be the store manager. We were not greeted by the store manager upon his arrival or to even understand our grievances at first. I then told Lucky that the device did not work for me at home, it is unused and still in its original packaging, I would just like an exchange as I see a better product for the same price. Lucky went on to say how can I exchange a product if the initial product is not damaged, I told him that it doesn't work for me, I have inserted the batteries properly at home and the device did not work; I would just like to have an exchange. Lucky said to me that they can't exchange a device that is not faulty to me and further went on to ask me how many voltages do my devices at require and further went on to state that he is asking me a common sense question which insinuated that I do not have common sense. I told him that the devices are 1.5 volts, same voltage as the problematic device. They made me read the slip about their exchange policy but my slip had no where stated about electrical devices but simply refund policy that I should bring the the package with the original slip, the item should not have been unused and it's in its original packaging. Lucky then asked me why would I exchange the device only to find the other device being problematic, I told him that this is not about just the exchange but merely my preference and also with the terrible experience of the device I received when I arrived at home. I was not able to use the device for my intended use so why should I take something back home that I am not entirely satisfied with, because the clicks policy also states that if I am not impressed with my product I should return it with 60 calender days, it was returned within 5 days. Furthermore, the new product I now wanted also used different battery sizes which are even easier to find, hence why I wanted the other product amongst other reasons. Even if I may have been misread the policy exchange rules which I read in front of them and didn't mention the nonsense they were telling me, they could have respectfully explained their policy to me and advice me what the solution going forward would be, but this was not the case, but I ended up being insulted. I honestly felt insulted, disrespected, dishonored and disgraced at the experience I had encountered more especially at people who are supposed to prioritize customer satisfaction. I don't think I will set foot at the clicks there but would rather opt for dischem to the point that I would drive from Aspen Hills to Southgate just for dischem. Not only was Lucky and Susan speaking in a demeaning manner to me and my partner, more especially during the difficult times South Africa is facing towards women abuse; when Lucky insinuated that we do not have common sense, that to me was an insult not to me only but to my partner as well. How could we be treated at such a degrading manner. I suggest Clicks to better train their employees on how to treat the customers because the employees are the first people as customers we encounter that represent the Clicks brand.
COMPLAINT #2088 - Customer Service Issues
Liz Mofokeng
Good day

Based on the current promotion brochure. I wanted to purchase the silver egg boiler and a baby and junior Epimax cream that are on the catalog. Unfortunately i have not been able to find the products at our local clicks in Meyerton Gauteng (Vaal Triangle). This was on the 4th of May while the special was already running for 2 day by then. However, i had spoken with one of the managers there and he had promised to organise the products for me as they were never received by the store.
I had left my contact details so that they can inform me about when i can get the products. I had not heard anything from then, so i had visited the store again on the 7th May and they weren't there either.

The manager was not on duty but i had left the message with one other instore manager. It is the 9th May and i had not heard anything from them and still unable to get my products.

I am based in Meyerton, i found the catalog here and i am supposed to get the products here. It is unacceptable that i as the customers, have to gp through all the hustle just to get the products. It is unreasonable to have products displayed but yet not in store. I am very unhappy and frustrated, also because this is not the first that this happens.

I need the products and i am not going to go out of town just for them as it will be extra costs to me again.
Please take care of this situation as soon as possible or I will be forced to direct the complaint to the Customer Complaint Commission.
Reply by Liz Mofokeng on 15 May, 2019
The regarding the stock issue that i had with Meyerton Clicks. The issue has been resolved. With the help of Mojaki the store manager, i got the products that i had requested and got more information about online shopping and collect.
I am a regular customer and Meyerton clicks has been very helpful with all of my visits. This was just a hick up that needed to be swallowed.

I would like to send thumbs up to Mojaki and the rest of the Clicks Meyerton team that were so helpful.
COMPLAINT #1796 - Delivery Issues