Bad attitude from a Pharmacist - Consumer Complaint for Clicks Store - Head Office

Egnes Nono Mogale
On the 5th of June 2021 I went to Clicks at Eyethu Mall to buy a morning after Pill, the pharmacist was very rude. She was judgemental, I have never been so humiliated. The look and the way she questioned me and threatened not to give me the pill. I tried explaining why I cud not do family planning. She just showed me how well educated she is. If I have sex with my partner and the condom break what must I do, it's not like I use the pill as a contraceptive. I explained to her her that I did try to go to the Dr so I can rather start contraceptives as Condoms are becoming not safe for me anymore. But having that lady question me like that and even blocking me from ever purchasing the pill at any clicks pharmacy. I respect her work but she must not use her position to make people feel small. Honestly after that experience I will never go back to clicks pharmacy at Eyethu Orange Farm. when she gave me the pill she just threw the cage with a disgusted look. What pains me is that I explained to her that I was supposed to go for my Depo shot in February but didn't as I buried my father in Jan was suffering from Depression, and it's now that I will make time to go get the Depo shot. As I usually use Condoms,

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