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Michael De Beer
At Key West I Bought x2 Rapid grow nutrition at Clicks store after opening up both were less than half full I would like to log a complaint why selling big containers and making them half thinking that you buy a full container
COMPLAINT #15177 - Product Issues
On 27 may 2021 at approximately 16:45 I was at click Pinecrest in pinetown. I bought the 90ml oh so heavenly perfumes that were on special. Three cans for R60.i was suppose to have made a payment of R60 only. When I received my receipt as well as the perfumes, I noticed I was charged R124,95 for all three of those perfumes. I informed the cashier that was assisting of that I was over charged for products that were on special.she kindly assted me by informing that she will go back onto the shelf and rectify the mistake that has happened. Upon her return she arrived with a Mr sikhumbuzo mlaba whose name badge stated that he was the manager of the store.Mr sikhumbuzo did not greet me, nor did he identify himself and explain what was the problem with there being an over charge on my purchase. Instead he rudely shoved papers and a pen at me to sign,there was no batho Pele principles that were administered. Instead he treated me with utter disrespect at the incompetence of him as well as some of his fellow employees.when I asked him to please identify himself, he banged his chest, showing me his name badge long after I had already seen his name tag.
I have never experienced such service from clicks in Pinecrest. This is my first time experiencing such attitude. I am disgusted and disappointed.
COMPLAINT #15161 - Customer Service Issues
Ziske Mulder
I purchased personal items yesterday at clicks safari tuine in rustenburg. First of all the cashier took his time chatting to other staff members and rung items double a couple of times, after which I pointed out his mistake, he started to get visibly irritated with me and then shouted out to the manager what products he should remove.
I don't think it's advised to do so because it's two men working with lady items and imbarrasing me infront of the whole store.
That goes against my human right to personal information and human integrity.
After waiting for what it felt like an eternity i could eventually pay.

Second issue was the Security Guard lady, when exiting the store the beepers went off because of the one tag, the security ripped the bag out of my hand and continued to take one by one item out of the bag and swing it around for all to see...
I felt victimized and very imbarrased.
I asked her if it was necessary to make such a big scene about it and her response was that maybe i stole something so she must be very thorough with the search.

I expect an apology for this. And rest assured i will not stop to follow up on this matter until this is resolved.
The cashier and security guard should be reprimanded and sent to a course for training!
It is unexceptable to treat a customer like this!!
This happens alot, this is not the first time this has happened to me!

Management should be ashamed of the way staff treats the customers.
COMPLAINT #15135 - Service Issues
Ms Isaacs

I called your customer care line on 0860254257 wanting to know about your add for the VITATRIM weight loss product that is being advertised all the time on tv. The person answering was clueless. She didn't know about the ad on tv or the product nor did she offer to find out. What disappointing services.
COMPLAINT #15077 - Advertising Issues
Victor Themba
Hi there my issue is from Menlyn park clicks the manager Sarah,she treated me badly during the time I was working at her store,at the end she chased me away from my job as an outside merchandiser from Marketmax my name is Victor Themba Masilela,She complained about people who are stealing at clicks I am worried I was nearly to loose my job,she hates me I don't why and isn't me alone still people who used to steal there is continue even though I'm not there,she never caught me stealing but points me as a tsotsi,I am not satisfied cause my Boss if he finds out it's going to be a disaster for me,I am begging as head office to solve it cause I want my job back,I can't accept what is happening his killing me at their other side I have three kids if I loose my job it will be a mess please seeking your help from the outside merchandiser that works for Marketmax
COMPLAINT #15070 - Other Issues
Christolene Paulse
Good day
i would like to lodge a complaint with regards to my repeat prescription sms that i do not receive.

i asked the pharmacy assistant the first time that i fetched my prescription to put a notification sms on the repeat. when i needed the second batch i had to phone the stellenbosch clicks pharmacy to ask whether my package is ready for collection. they actually did not add a notification on my presciption.

I need my third batch now and still no sms received.

Now i need to phone again in order for them to prepare my package.

why do they have the notification procedure in place if they do not handle it correctly.

kind regards
Ms C Paulse
COMPLAINT #15040 - Customer Service Issues
Nelson Maluleke
Good day,

On Friday 21st of May i was disturbed by a very unprofessional behavior by a Manager at Clicks Sancardia shouting an employee in front of customers.

I couldn't believe my eyes that there are still such a 'straatmate' behavior to a person who is suppose to uplift a very big brand like clicks.

We all believe that people need to be reprimanded at work but not in an unprofessional manner as there are proper channels to do that. I was shocked that we still have people of that nature in management positions cause in all honestly she lacks management skills, peoples skills and problem solving skills.

I am quite disappointed that clicks has this kind of people in management position as what i have seen is a very incompetent Manager who treat a professional environment like a shebeen.

I would really appreciate that this kind of behaviour need to stop and the said Manager be taken to books as this will lead to unnecessary litigation and will tarnish Clicks Brand.

I would also recommend that this Manager be changed as this is not the first incident and definately not the last.

I am tempted to take this to the Media and also to ombudsman as well as Hallo Peter but will give you an opportunity to deal with this internally and will await a prompt respond of how you handled the matter the soonest.

COMPLAINT #15027 - Other Issues
Solomon Tlou
I have chronic migraine, and on of your pharmacist at Clicks Saveways Crescent shouted me in front of other customers saying no he won't give the pills to me I'm abusing them, I'm a 30 year old man with a chronic migraine issue, he talked to me like I was a toddler my Clicks card number is 0200540142776.

Kindly assist
COMPLAINT #15014 - Customer Service Issues
Danie Pretorius
Never would you ever get self medication in less than 30 ninutes at clicks Elarduspark. This has happened at least three times already. Do not believe in South africa there is worst service.
COMPLAINT #14990 - Service Issues
Nazlie Temmers
Please contact me about your trading hours at the sanctuary in somerset west as i got there at 13h53 and store was closed, i was let in by a staff member with an attitude,not happy about the service received,medication was needed urgently
COMPLAINT #14987 - Customer Service Issues
Emmanuel Thabani Maphanga
You have not responded to my clicks complaint up to this far..

Go read your complaints logged about clicks Westguard
COMPLAINT #14984 - Customer Service Issues
kobe christopher
People are calling our familly requesting the decoment of danial kobe.the caller mentioned that she is calling from offices. They want us to fax death certificat and other decument. Danial kobe was working for click company for many years. He passed away last year november with the car accident.
COMPLAINT #14948 - Contract Issues
Karabelo Mofokeng
service that I received at Clicks 1605 was very bad , I feel that I have been be-littled by the manager and the cleaner
COMPLAINT #14946 - Sales Issues
Clicks called us requesting the papers of danieal kobe. We want to conferm if is clicks or scam.they called my mom to fax the document of my brother.daniel kobe passed away on november last year with the car exident. He was working for click for over 10 year maneger position .
COMPLAINT #14942 - Contract Issues
Mamosebetsi Radebe
I was standing at the queue at clicks crescent mall in phuthaditjhaba,then a cashier by the name mbali hlatshwayo suddenly shout at me that if I don't want to move the queue I should let other customers to jump the queue and I was not aware it was my turn to go to the till.I am so furious and have realized that lady is carrying a lot of anger and can not deal with customers.
COMPLAINT #14918 - Customer Service Issues
Thabani Maphanga
Clicks store in west street Westguard store

I got in to the store at 16:24 to purchase self medication for my very ill mother, my ticket is S293, I left the store at 16:55 without being assisted and very irritated... from 8 people and i was number 9... queue started building badly behind me,

3 cashiers were have a chart and talking amongst themselves and sometimes walk away from the counter, next to me was a very Elderly lady who was having trouble breathing and she was there before me..

Issues i took notes off
1. Nonhlanhla and Ncedisa spent at least 5+ minutes with each customer they were serving.. while talking, at some point they will start talking about irrelevant things and giggling with those customers, failing to take note of the Queue.
2. Omeshnie who is the pharmacy manager, left the counter and did not even care or take into consideration, how slow the assistants were working... around 16:40 one of the ladies left the counter... came back again.
3. I never got what i came for , because i was rushing to go start my shift at 17:00,

1. I was hoping when i get off work at 6am, i did not have to wait for CBD pharmacies to open, as you can mother has already went a night without painkillers.

Im really upset and angry about the service delivered by these ladies... may be covid is not a concern at clicks, since they had over 20 customers waiting to be assistef at the pharmacy,

May be sales are not major and customers needs and spending dont contribute to Clicks Westgaurd..

Also just may be... staff is not well trained, since Phakamani who tried to hear my complaint, never felt a need to apologise and acknowledge my frustration.

COMPLAINT #14894 - Customer Service Issues
I went to get a prescription from Clicks Laborie Paarl pharmacy today. Mr Jeshal Jeram (P47696) attend to me. After presenting the printed prescription that I have received from my Dr via email he informed me that he needs the original. I responded by saying that they are the only pharmacy that asks for this. He returned by script and said in a very hostile, disrespectful and rude manner that I can go to anther store to get my prescription. Earlier this week I have used the same format of script just a nother pharmacist at the same branch who gave me the medicine without any hassle. The manager at this branch, Wessel Louw, was just as rude and also treated me in a hostile manner.
The ordeal was very traumatizing and I feel victimized and discriminated against. The behavior of both these gentlemen are completely inappropriate and does a lot of damage to the Clicks brand. After this I went to anther Pharmacy Chain and got the medicine with the same script without any form a hassle.
COMPLAINT #14882 - Customer Service Issues
Tarryn-lee Murfin
Placed order in November 2020. No notification of arrival at Clicks Cresta . 6 Nay 2021 notified refund in order 6 months after the order . Phn helpline have to wait another 14 - 17 days for refund . Where in SA do you wait 14-17 days fir a refund to go through to your bank account never mind 6 months for a refund on an y fulfilled order . Will never use Clicks online again . Unprofessionalism at its best ! Ref no 1997 3917. DISGUSTING not even a service provider !!!
Reply by Xolisile maxawulana on 21 May, 2021
I am complaining about lady working for clicks store in Plettenberg bay she is a receiving clerk but robbing sassa grant money to take care of her kidz while she getting paid big time. Recently this year she bribe official of bitou municipal traffic center to register her own car with froudulant documents and still there is pedding case of her getting money from department of education in Eastern cape previously years while she is working for ckicks stores and clicks stores is turning blind eye in all these repoted matters
COMPLAINT #14840 - Refund / Exchange Issues
MR Mongale Raymond
Hi. I went to clicks riverside nelspruit this afternoon to buy a medication. When i get out of the store i decided to call my sister to tell her what i bought she then told me that they already bought it. And i decided to go back to the store and explain to the pharmacist. He didnt even want to listen me. He kept on pressing his phone talking without not looking at me and said we don't return because you were out of that door. I was so disappointed as i was thinking mayb he will reach out of me by giving me some options than to refund me. Like taking something in exchange of this medication, as my medication is till sealed. Now i opened the bag because we wanted to use some of the medication. Now im holding a medication that i cant even use.
Refund / Exchange Issues Photo

COMPLAINT #14799 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Good morning I've got the complain abt silicon I bought lastwk when I buy this product was close neh when I was home in taking out the staff I bought the silicon is all over the plastic spoil other staff I bought it neh so I went to clicks the nxt day I meet the Manager she was the lady she help me n ask my poits card to check it I bought this the n she said I must bring the slip to get another silicon so today I went to clicks I get a rude guy I ask him where is the manager he said the is the manager n then he said I don't see this slip I said check here is the price he keep on saying I don't see I said so u not gonna help he said yes I said it's fine bt the manager was there also my slip was oily with silicon bt u see price n he suppose to take card point n check it bcz the lady who help me that day she said give me ur clicks card n that day I forget my slip at home shame his racist Dat guy he didn't even give other people to check the slip bt I won't stop buying in clicks bcz of him bt pls bt plz tell him he must know how to speak with a customer he don't have customers service Thank u
COMPLAINT #14793 - Product Issues