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Lydia Geja
My first bad experience EVER at clicks pharmacies. Visited clicks garden route mall Today to get flue meds and vitamins.Lady told me to look vitamins in aisle while she process my flue meds. .I walk up and down in aisle but could not find any. Went back and ask her where the other gentleman is who normally gets out of his way to get me all my requested meds without me having to walk up and down and strugle. to find.She said he on leave although I saw him afterwards.She finally stands up and walked straigt the aisle where the vitamins were kept Afterwards she told me Funds were almost exhausted without offering me cheaper vitamins or how much I must pay in.I did get the flu meds though.
This is certainly my last visit ever to any click pharmacy outlet.Forgive me my poor English.All the clicks personnel are normally very friendly and much helpful. This incident was definitely a first and left a bad taste in my mouth.

Iknow I will never hear a word from clicks. I will definitely never do any business with clicks pharmacy in my life. I know you have enough customers to care about my complaint.

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