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Loveth Dickson
This company is a scam, they pend your monetary transactions and yet deduct the money from ur account without any reversal later! I have my 30 and 50 ghc pending for the past 5 days and this has been happening almost in all my transactions! I need my money reversed asap...Read All
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COMPLAINT #1994 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Francis Kpengnuo
I bought perfect money dollar from my mtn momo account on their site to be delivered to my perfect money account but waited for hours upon hours ending up the day and no delivering were made.
I then called them on phone line and there wasn't any response....Read All
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COMPLAINT #1993 - Delivery Issues
The above company dupe individuals of thier money in the name of recruiting them for a job,they are nothing but thief's, people should desist from having any sort contract or contact with them. ...Read All
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COMPLAINT #1992 - Other Issues
Sil Ellis
As stated, this attorney was/is unreachable by phone, email or mail. Other attorneys in the area also was unable to reach them.This attorney should provide accurate information if they are still in business at contact number and address. ...Read All
COMPLAINT #1991 - Advertising Issues
The agency is a scam, Morgan Owusu claims to be the Managing Director. The will send you a form and letter job acceptance letter and ask for procurement fee, and next commitment fee and next job salary upfront salary percent payment from the applicant.
Every letter that comes there will be fee paym...Read All
Rudzani Nekhavhambe
I went to pie city Southgate yesterday, I asked for a regular pie which was written as R21 she says there's no regular there's only small, she gives me the pie I gave her R200 note which she gives me change R177, I started counting the coins then while busy with the other customer she says its R7 co...Read All
COMPLAINT #1989 - Customer Service Issues
ansh brahami
The download speed is so bad !
It takes me 14plus hours to download a 8gb update.And im on the 3.2mbps package.
When i call at your office your employees always say the problem is on my end when everything is fine.
And when i play games online my ping is 300plus on my ps4 where my friends on di...Read All
COMPLAINT #1988 - Service Issues
Leon Hessens
This is a bunch of bullsh*t fake reviews made up by the trading company that Blackstone Intelligence Group gets money back from. 3 months ago I hired Blackstone Intelligence and two weeks ago they got my brokers boss to give all of my money back...every penny! Blackstone Intelligence Group did a gre...Read All
Kofi Agyei-Owusu
I am expecting a package and using the tracking number i realized it arrived at their facility somewhere between Sunday 28/07/2019 and Monday 29/07/2019. I checked again on 30/07/2019 and the status was "Shipment will be prepared for customer collection". Today is 01/08/2019 and the status remains t...Read All
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COMPLAINT #1986 - Delivery Issues
Asadco real state are the worst in customer service.
The are after money in any way they can
i rented an office through them for 6 years, they were charging me and the owner for the maintenance fees
when i left the office the denied the deposit and they informed that they have to repaint the offi...Read All
COMPLAINT #1985 - Service Issues
I had a loan with equity which i cleared but my loan ledger has never been updated. I have called the HQ number repeated the same story over and over again and they always end up calling equity loitokitok to sort out the issue but to date its never been updated thus i still have an outstanding balan...Read All
COMPLAINT #1984 - Other Issues
Gilbert Igweka Nwanorim
Ebere Links

Ebere Links LPG Plant Manager near hospital junction off portharcourt road, Owerri has formed the habit of seizing balance of payment after buying cooking gas from their company... I am one of the victims... customers beware....Read All
COMPLAINT #1983 - Customer Service Issues
Sanseya Kerr
I found a Hair baked into the Buccaneer – Rumcake (Fruit) and asked my friend to send an email from July 25th and still no response. I am extremely disappointed as majority of my co-workers enjoy this cake and always hunt for it in the supermarket opening THIS CAKE AND FINDING THE...Read All
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COMPLAINT #1982 - Product Issues
Jovencio Milan
My item wasn't delivered yet. It is expected and should be delivered today; however, there is a shipment issue.

Also, there is a more or less 5-hour gap/delay in posting updates online. ...Read All
COMPLAINT #1981 - Delivery Issues
Trevadney Cole
I went to the branch in savanna- la mar Westmoreland to conduct business. I had opened an account with Dwayne a sales rep who was absolutely beautiful, he had a very pleasant demeanor, he took the time out to explain. He displayed exceptional customer service.
However, when I went back I was infor...Read All
COMPLAINT #1980 - Customer Service Issues
i won 4million naira ticket game which i wanted to transfer 3.5million to my personal account since May 27th 2019 till date(2 Months) have not receive the money and the trade transaction ticket still pending till now.Have send series of message and calls.pleasa release my money for me...My Phone no ...Read All
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COMPLAINT #1979 - Billing or Collection Issues
David Browning
On Tuesday this week we caught a triolet bus from grand baie to Perrybere at about 5.30. In the 2 mile journey I had serious concerns that I would not make my stop. The driver sped of at such a speed I was thrown into my seat. Within a 60klh speed limit the bus was doing well in excess of this takin...Read All
COMPLAINT #1978 - Other Issues
Dionne Mlilo
Chicken Inn
Have been given wrong orders on 4 different occasions at chicken inn drive thru and I am not happy, at first I would ignore thinking that it should be human error but now I've had enough.
On two occasions,had ordered a sweet chilli wrap and was given a plain wrap when I had paid for the sauce and t...Read All
COMPLAINT #1977 - Customer Service Issues
I kept wondering how you make your maize chips... I clearly failed to understand. This is especially based on the chicken flavored maize ones, what the hell is that?? The taste lasts as long as it takes to blink. They are pale and unappetising, do something about all of this. Why would you supposedl...Read All
COMPLAINT #1976 - Other Issues
Coca-Cola please exchange your expired products(2 cartons). The depot in Mbiko,Njeru in Jinja claims it has to get instructions from the company to pick expired sodas.another carton of expired sparletta is already at the depot a month now waiting for your instructions....Read All
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COMPLAINT #1975 - Refund / Exchange Issues