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We bought a fridge and washing machine in store on 9 January, we were advised that the items will be delivered on Tuesday 12 January as arranged
The lady from Defy called advising us about the washing machine but NO FRIDGE.

We have called but no one assists us we keep
Being sent around or ...Read All
COMPLAINT #10908 - Delivery Issues
Kobilan Pillay
Requested transfer of fibre line on 7 December 2020. To date, Vodacom service agents are unable to confirm the installation. I am promised on a daily basis that I will be contacted by a technician with no avail.

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COMPLAINT #10907 - Customer Service Issues
Our internet is out of order since Dec. 30,2020 up to the present.

We have complained several times already but nothing has done, even we have the several ticket numbers but still nothing is done, And this is the latest ticket numbers that we have #004472852 Kindly send your technician to make t...Read All
COMPLAINT #10906 - Repair Issues
Marion James
I logged a repair request on the 7 January for the Hisense washing machine I purchased in June, which is leaking. To date no repair and I received an email on the 12 January to say the call has been logged with Hisense.
My kitchen is now flooding and I want someone out here today. 6 days later no ...Read All
COMPLAINT #10905 - Product Issues
Rowena Sinko

Is this allowed that you have a rude customer service agent? This is my first time to encounter this kind of agent namely CHRISTY MARIANO.

You know that we have crisis so regarding on your clients payments all banks have consideration right?

But please inspect all your agent behavior r...Read All
COMPLAINT #10904 - Customer Service Issues
Christian Mizal Avestruz
I applied internet connection at converge two months ago. We want to refund our payment in advance. I hope someone can help me regarding this and I hope this will reach the higher department of Converge; not just the customer service. I hope I will get back my hard earned money!...Read All
COMPLAINT #10902 -
Ed Therese R. Belisco
I ordered from shopee before Jan. 4. The parcel arrived here in the Phils. fast. However, it is stuck at the JT warehouse since last Jan. 8. I chatted Shopee to expedite it and emailed to JT but all I get are excuses and apologize. I am tired of waiting for that parcel and who would want to receive ...Read All
COMPLAINT #10900 - Delivery Issues
Louisa Roro Phora
I walked into the bluehills clicks urgently needing to get a pump for my son. A lady by the name of mandisa langai think was the most rudest! I didnt have a medical aid on me however had all the details. She lied and said she cannot find the Information on the system and I could see she did cz she a...Read All
COMPLAINT #10899 - Customer Service Issues
MJD Steyn
Good day


I have been trying for months (maybe 6 months?) to cancel the following 2 contracts:
072 155 9072
072 144 5509

My main number is 0833108747.
I am sure that if you check Vodacom’s records, it would be clear how many times I have phoned to cancel the above 2 nu...Read All
COMPLAINT #10898 - Contract Issues
Willem Jansen
On 12January2021 we bought a platter for two at the Parys branch. The lady who took our order was Lydia.
We entered the outlet at 19H00 and they said it was to late for delivery, we placed our order and wait.
After receiving our order we went home, only to discover there were only 2 pieces of fis...Read All
COMPLAINT #10897 - Customer Service Issues
Refund Help
Send me a mail @viccie*** All
COMPLAINT #10896 -
Clinton Pillay
So frustated and furious waited for a month and a half for Vodacom to install my fibre after relocating. Today openserve came to do the installation however had to pay them R2400.00 for additional pipes which i did an e wallet to the contractor apparently they are contracted to Open serve. Why must ...Read All
COMPLAINT #10895 - Customer Service Issues
Ursula Van Der Merwe
For years I receive my MOST VITAL chronic medication at Clicks VRYHEID.I receive an sms monthly when my Script is ready for collection.I allready received my sms on 6-1-2021. Unfortunately I have NO transport & cannot go into town myself-my fiance has been collecting for me BUT he works until 5 EVER...Read All
COMPLAINT #10893 - Customer Service Issues
Paul Naidoo
I ordered for Fibre on October 2020 and until today still no fibre.I met the consultant on the roadside in my township Die Heuwel Proper doing promotional sales. I informed him that Metro fiber Metro Fibre completed the link up to my house and I and i did apply through Mweb to have fiber in August 2...Read All
COMPLAINT #10891 - Service Issues
I did wallet to bank using orange money.the transaction pended and I have long asked for reimbursement till now there is no positive response from the office.kindly bring back my cash because I want to use it. ...Read All
COMPLAINT #10890 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Uwe Meyer
For years we were clients of Clicks Ceres. We experienced the same issues year after year and now stopped buying there:

1. Extremely long waiting times (queueing and waiting at counter for issuing of medication) at the dispensary
2. Usually unfriendly service at the dispensary
3. More staff in ...Read All
COMPLAINT #10889 - Customer Service Issues
Sp Almenanza
I called up the main office about my father's cash assistance as part of his death benefit under since August 2020, however, the sales agent and the people in claims department keep telling me to wait for 1 year processing. That made me shocked of a very long waiting. I am hoping that will not take...Read All
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COMPLAINT #10888 - Service Issues
Arije damilola lateef
On this day 12th January 2021 I received an sms from one SNET with a code which I had no idea what it was.. Till a few minutes later when I got debited #1000...a few seconds later #10000 & lastly #2000 all in the span of a minute...and now I can't log in into my account or even see what's going on.....Read All
COMPLAINT #10887 - Service Issues
Denise Greve
Hi there

I have had a Vodacom Fibre installed on 11 December 2020 and until today 12 January 2021 it has still not been activated. I have been phoning everyday and everytime I speak to an agent there is a new story.

They tell me they have escalated the situation and sent an email to supervi...Read All
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COMPLAINT #10886 - Other Issues
Nozha shiabne
I bought a TV from Makro Germiston
When I started it at home I find out that the Tv has accounts for Netflix and accounts for Dstv that means the tv was sold to different customers before Makro staff sold it to me.
I confronted them and they apologized and I accepted their apology and they gave m...Read All
COMPLAINT #10885 - Refund / Exchange Issues