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Hiyas D
Hi! In my case, I emailed them to request for a refund because talking to their customer service over the phone is like talking to a robot. They can’t resolve and answer simple questions. However, the down part is, it will take forever to get the refund. I requested for a refund 1st-2nd wk of Marc...Read All
Hiyas D.
I applied for an internet connection at Converge on Feb and they confirmed that my area is serviceable. After paying the upfront payment in advance, they sent the technician to install around mid-Feb. However, the tech said that there is no available port and they cannot install. I requested for a r...Read All
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COMPLAINT #3175 - Refund / Exchange Issues
pete humphrey
Won a contract to supply us in December 2019 and goods were defective and not up to Defense Uniform Standards.

Suleman assured me that he would address the problem and get everything correct after many times me complaining
and telling him everything was not to size and standards... We even sent...Read All
COMPLAINT #3174 - Contract Issues
Carlos chua
Maintenance service area is too small and crowded. Lack of well trained mechanics. Service is really slow. It takes whole day for just a simple preventive maintenance service, wherein other dealers can finished in under 3 hours. ...Read All
COMPLAINT #3168 - Service Issues
princess nazaire
tracking number 362047534940 has been sent to the wrong location by your Cebu employee, as she insisted that they can only send the packages on your cavite south branch. FYI I've been sending/receiving all other package from lbc during Ecq. I've been calling several times a week for over 2 months! ...Read All
This company refused to give back 2 months of deposit back to me. The company head Mr.Ondili Oduor (known as Mr.Thomas) is a total conman who directly told me to not message them again and threatened me for asking for my money. I also renovated the apartment with my own money upon moving out of the ...Read All
COMPLAINT #3166 - Contract Issues
I bought an oven on 11 Feb 2020 at Makro cape gate. The person who assisted told me what all the other makes cant do took me to a bosch oven only one also told me everything he wanted me to hear.little did I know hes not from makro but a bosch consultant I was told after complaining to Gawie who did...Read All
COMPLAINT #3163 - Customer Service Issues
Kimi Olarte
Today, March 19,2020 . I haven’t receive my parcel at lazada, When I check the status it says “delivered” how come I havent receive yet. What happened? Im very disappointed, thats why I filed a complaint. Please ayusin nio service nio. Kaya hindi umaasenso ang Pilipinas sa poor service at kalo...Read All
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COMPLAINT #3162 - Delivery Issues
Kenneth Badeo
I already had a scheduled installation before but was cancelled due to the lockdown. I already went to the barangay and confirmed that they already allow installation.I also have their written permission. I just want to schedule a technician as soon as possible for my job. Please see attached file ...Read All
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COMPLAINT #3161 - Service Issues
Dave Schoeman
Bought a bed in November 2019 totally shot .Springs are sagging wont atatal refund the brand is terrible....Read All
COMPLAINT #3160 - Guarantee Or Warranty Issues
I went to the shop today to buy a bed. I was not attended until I called for assistance. A guy by the name of Mr Pitso gave me an attitude, I then told him it's ok I'll go and buy from Russells then he said go ahead because I was not gonna buy anyway as if I am wasting his time. , he said " O ka t...Read All
COMPLAINT #3159 - Customer Service Issues
John N. Mbugua
Today 18th May2020,I boarded a city shuttle bus number 095,at around 1550hrs from bus station headed for Joska Malaa route.
Nowardays we are charged 150 shillings from Joska to Nairobi and vice versa,instead of the usual 100,which is reasonable with the tough times being experienced.
...Read All
COMPLAINT #3157 - Service Issues
Rabindra Kumar pal
Sir i have filed my complaint earlier about 3 weeks ago which was duly approved but still there is no action for it
What kind of customer service is this ???
Sir i am seriously disappointed .......Read All
COMPLAINT #3156 - Customer Service Issues
Frikkie Jonck
I post this on 22 April. Someone phoned me and said "somebody will contact me the following day. Nobody phoned me . VODACOM YOUR SERVICE STINKS . On 17 January 2020 a representative of Vodacom, Nandi advised me of a contract for fibre that is available. On an app on her phone she showed that Fibre ...Read All
COMPLAINT #3155 - Service Issues
Justice takalani Ravhura
My name is ravhura, on Friday my wife bought dstv full det at mesina mall pep cell, according to her they didn't promise to come and install it as it has already paid forward with installation, due to Corona virus levels delay, the wer suposed not to take are money mean while they know that is going...Read All
COMPLAINT #3154 - Service Issues
Ako po si nerio Lamar Solis NG tatrabaho s alternative power solutions inc.ay NG tatanong bkit?ala PO aqo s nabigyan s sbws KC raw po eh system generated daw PO Yun at bago lng daw PO aqo aqo eh nagsimula magtrbaho NG buwan NG febrero taong 2020 po slmat Sana po eh magkaroon din aqo KC po mayh...Read All
jacques wolmarans
My phone huawai p30lite is only 4 months old. The battery has popped... another branch said they have never seen this problem before...Read All
COMPLAINT #3152 - Customer Service Issues
MY PASSWORD AND PASSWORD RESETS HAS NOT BEEN WORKING FOR 3 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I CANNOT DO BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...Read All
COMPLAINT #3151 - Other Issues
Dear: Sir,

My name is Eldhose and I am staying in Al Jawad-Sharjah 1102 from 10th June 2017 onwards. My current contract going to end on 09th June 2020 and also total 3 years I am going to complete my stay in your building (Refer attached contract copy). Due to the present pandemic situation and ...Read All
Angelique Du Plessis
Good Day

I would like to know how a gym contract was opened/sold to my 18 year old son, who is unemployed? His Id No: 0010265112085, the person who signed him up never even requested a surety and never requested proof of income. I'm his mother who is currently not earning an income and even if...Read All
COMPLAINT #3149 - Contract Issues