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Pumla Moguerane
This morning, i took the taxi from Cnr Loristo Garsfontein road making my way to the office in Brooklyn. unfortunately i didn't check the registration of the cab, after joining Jan Shoba just before Thomas Edison Street, the driver decided to stop and wait for one of his colleagues (he was stuck with the tyre broken, looked like the old E20 cab, it looked like he got stuck on his way to the East). No explanation, no consideration that we as passengers are getting late for work.

The other taxi driver that was stuck, seems to have a bit of a disability as he couldn't walk fast or properly. We waited for almost 10 mins waiting for this guy to organise himself so he could catch a lift with our driver. Mind you, no apologies or explanation to us passengers at this point as courtesy.

The most disrespectful manner in which we are treated is unacceptable. Our driver, then asked the stuck driver if his leaving his tyre. The guy eventual came into the our taxi (parking in the middle of the road, just before the traffic lights on Thomas Edison) with a greased tyre on a rod.

We eventually proceeded, and as you may be aware there are some road works after passing Brooklyn Road, I reminded the driver that i'm getting off at Brooklyn. The other guy, told me about the convoy and told me i'd have to walk. I mean the lack of customer service is appalling, he didn't see anything wrong with the fact that 1. we've been inconvenienced by him and his colleague as paying customers.

The driver did drop me off at Brooklyn but unfortunately when I got off, i realized that my dress has been smudged with grease. Now, i'm walking around as if i'm wearing dirty greased clothes. The driver even asked his friend to wipe the seat while i was getting off, he clearly saw the damage and said nothing. Its only when i was walking towards my office that i noticed the stains.

Its infuriating and embarrassing. Why is it that customer service is not a priority for your association? Who is going to pay for my dry cleaning? PLEASE TRAIN YOUR DRIVERS TO BE CONSIDERATE, WE ARE NOT SOME GOODS THEY JUST HAVE TO DELIVER. NISEBENZA NABANTU, SHOW US UBUNTU AND RESPECT.
COMPLAINT #2186 - Service Issues
On the 18th of June 2019 at about 07:55 I took a taxi With registration number CP 95 CD GP at sunny side and we got into this taxi before we can even sit down this taxi drives off and the door was still open so he was just rushing to get other people at another street so from Dwars street to PLein street with the door that was not closed and when we asked why his driving off while we are not yet sitted he said now you are sitting down mus OK we go and when we get by CHarles street there's this little convoy after magnolia OK before he turns I beg please don't turn there cz I will be getting off by the next robot instead of him answering me politely he decided to be rude and show disrespect by saying "aketlo kgatla wena na by going to a convoy" so who said he was supposed to Kgatla me as he said all I asked was for him to use the normal route they use by Charles street as I was about to get off at Charles and roper street so he decided to disrespect me in front of a taxi full of people please teach him manners and how to talk to people please! He ruined my day with his attitude
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Reply by Xolisile on 12 October, 2019
This incident happened on 9th October 2019:

He's very disrespectful he speaks zulu and proudly announced it when a passanger(male) stood up for us when he threatened to leave us behind when we had paid and he tried to make us get into another taxi to menlyn without giving us money(the driver of the other taxi, refused) . He had passengers going to Menlyn,Lynnwood,Silver Lake and to University.... eventually we got back inside the taxi after crossing a road to get back to his taxi. He verbally assaulted us saying he will not be told by us(angizukuzwa ngani). He drove off and when the male passenger said we were right for speaking up for ourselves, he treated to hit him and stopped the taxi, but was stopped by the other fellow passengers. When that passenger got off he said he must also get off at Lynnwood and he was going to Silver Lake. He tried to stay inside but was overpowered. This driver evil.
COMPLAINT #1887 - Customer Service Issues
I was harrassed by que marshalls in carlton center in jhb , 2 times sundays after the church a one of the its majozi who calls him self a chair person in wata i tried to tells their seniors but the y do not do anything about it , on 15 they intimidated me forcing me to sit on the stand which i was not con fortable because the is no seat, they were swearing at me and i reported the matter to their senior they did nothing about it , on the 23 a que marshall by the name of majozi who also calls himself a chair person in wata in carlton centre harrased me phsically took me and throw me out of the taxis attacking me physically i decide to take the matter to the police and also i planto go to the department of transport because they do not do anything about the mattter some of the were there watching I busy opening the case
COMPLAINT #1649 - Service Issues
Wanda Kriek
Travelling down Garsfontein street on 10/11/2018 with my boyfriend, I used my phone's camera function to apply make-up in the car as we were late for a function. A Menlyn Taxi Ass Taxi Driver showed me the middle finger and I just waved at him. (I was not driving and in the passenger seat and thus not endangering anyone.) Between the next two traffic lights the driver tried to push us off the road several times. The poor passengers of the taxi bumped their heads against the windows of the taxi and I could hear them screaming in fear.
We took the first side street exit we could to avoid confrontation and damage to our car.
Things like this should not happen. The driver did not just endanger his life and ours, but also his passengers and the rest of the road users.
I have also noticed some of your company owned taxis were driving on the soft shoulder of the road and use the yellow line as a make-shift loading zone. This damages the road and ambulances from Pretoria East Hospital cannot pass traffic due to this.

Please ensure that the drivers have valid licences and know the rules of the road. I do not want to see anyone hurt, injured or deceased due to reckless and down-right dangerous driving.
COMPLAINT #1619 - Other Issues
Rorisang Mafisa
My complain is that people traveling from town to Sunnyside, Sunnyside to Hatfield, Sunnyside to Brooklyn, town to Hatfield /Brooklyn, have to pay the same amount as people traveling from town to menlyn where the distance traveled is different. I hope there will be price changes. The more distance traveled the more you will pay..
COMPLAINT #1600 - Billing or Collection Issues
mpho khuzwayo
it is by my disappointment that i have to come across a bad experience with the driver of number plate XDN 174 GP. the taxi was on full speed and jumping all robots as well as using the wrong lanes. as this taxi if from the taxi rank in the central of pretoria to menlyn maine. we aproched menlyn and the driver decided not to go to melyn but to drop his own people to garsfontein. so i decided to drop off after the robots to atterberry after menlyn. when i get off the taxi the driver also got off and started grabbing me with my clothes claiming i pushed his door hard which was untrue. so he then started swearing at me using my mothers private parts as if she knows her. what kind of a coward man does that to women. this people they suppose to treat us with respect as we also respect us.who throws away their bread and butter away, surely they dont care and forgetting that without us theres no income but i dont think i will leave some strange person swear at me using my parents. if it wasnt for those guys from the street i dont know what could have happen. so i then took the matter to the marshal at menlyn rank next to game entrance. the the gentleman told me they will get the guy to come an appologise. so well ive decided to take the matter to police station and open a case of assult against the driver of the mentioned number plate. i also manage to take the pic of the car with the number plate and the guy who was assisting me as before the driver decided to take it of as he knew this is his doing. proof.

i wish this matter will be handled as im not going to allow a guy from nowere insult me.
COMPLAINT #1513 - Customer Service Issues