Harrassed by a que marshalla - Consumer Complaint for MENLYN TAXI ASSOCIATION - HEAD OFFICE

I was harrassed by que marshalls in carlton center in jhb , 2 times sundays after the church a one of the its majozi who calls him self a chair person in wata i tried to tells their seniors but the y do not do anything about it , on 15 they intimidated me forcing me to sit on the stand which i was not con fortable because the is no seat, they were swearing at me and i reported the matter to their senior they did nothing about it , on the 23 a que marshall by the name of majozi who also calls himself a chair person in wata in carlton centre harrased me phsically took me and throw me out of the taxis attacking me physically i decide to take the matter to the police and also i planto go to the department of transport because they do not do anything about the mattter some of the were there watching I busy opening the case
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