random stop with no explanation and ended up with a greased dress - Consumer Complaint for MENLYN TAXI ASSOCIATION - HEAD OFFICE

Pumla Moguerane
This morning, i took the taxi from Cnr Loristo Garsfontein road making my way to the office in Brooklyn. unfortunately i didn't check the registration of the cab, after joining Jan Shoba just before Thomas Edison Street, the driver decided to stop and wait for one of his colleagues (he was stuck with the tyre broken, looked like the old E20 cab, it looked like he got stuck on his way to the East). No explanation, no consideration that we as passengers are getting late for work.

The other taxi driver that was stuck, seems to have a bit of a disability as he couldn't walk fast or properly. We waited for almost 10 mins waiting for this guy to organise himself so he could catch a lift with our driver. Mind you, no apologies or explanation to us passengers at this point as courtesy.

The most disrespectful manner in which we are treated is unacceptable. Our driver, then asked the stuck driver if his leaving his tyre. The guy eventual came into the our taxi (parking in the middle of the road, just before the traffic lights on Thomas Edison) with a greased tyre on a rod.

We eventually proceeded, and as you may be aware there are some road works after passing Brooklyn Road, I reminded the driver that i'm getting off at Brooklyn. The other guy, told me about the convoy and told me i'd have to walk. I mean the lack of customer service is appalling, he didn't see anything wrong with the fact that 1. we've been inconvenienced by him and his colleague as paying customers.

The driver did drop me off at Brooklyn but unfortunately when I got off, i realized that my dress has been smudged with grease. Now, i'm walking around as if i'm wearing dirty greased clothes. The driver even asked his friend to wipe the seat while i was getting off, he clearly saw the damage and said nothing. Its only when i was walking towards my office that i noticed the stains.

Its infuriating and embarrassing. Why is it that customer service is not a priority for your association? Who is going to pay for my dry cleaning? PLEASE TRAIN YOUR DRIVERS TO BE CONSIDERATE, WE ARE NOT SOME GOODS THEY JUST HAVE TO DELIVER. NISEBENZA NABANTU, SHOW US UBUNTU AND RESPECT.
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