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COMPLETE RIP OFF, KIA CENTURION MADE ME PAY FOR SOMETHING THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE COVERED BY WARRANTY AND THEY ARE NOT WILLING TO REFUND ME. So yesterday morning I had a problem with my KIA Picanto which I have only had for two months, the car did not have power at all whatsoever in the morning and the engine light was on, I then drove to the nearest Kia Branch which is Centurion. When I got there i spoke to a lady by the name of Mariska who then called someone that works in the workshop, I needed the guy to drive with me so that he can feel what i was feeling, we got to the car with the workshop guy and he started the car and immediately told me that he does not even have to drive the car because he already knows what the problem is, he said to me he would need to replace some device which i cannot remember what he referred to it as. He also then continued to confirm that I wont be charged anything since my car is still under warranty. I then had to go back inside with the workshop guy who told Mariska that I will not be paying any diagnosis fee since my car is still under warranty, Mariska then proceeded to take my details and the asked if I wanted to be there when an inspection is carried out on my car and i said yes i would like to be there, the inspection was carried out in my presence and soon after that the driver drop me off at work and they said they will update me on the progress of the car. Early afternoon i then received a call from Mariska telling me that they found the problem and it is not the device that the workshop guy was talking about in the morning, she said to me that the rats ate my cables in the engine and that they needed to replace them and that this would cost me R908.00, this information already did make sense and was definitively contradictory to what i was told in the morning, so I then told Mariska that i will phone her back, I phoned her back and told her to ask the guys to go ahead and fix my car AND I ASKED HER VERY NICELY TO ASK THE GUYS TO KEEP MY OLD CABLES FOR ME BECAUSE I WANTED TO SEE THEM AND POSSIBLY LODGE A CLAIM WITH MY LANDLORD. SHE HAD MADE IT VERY CLEAR THAT THE GUYS NEEDED TO REPLACE THE CABLES. Later when i went to fetch my car Mariska was not at her desk and Payment was taken by another lady, after paying I asked the lady about the cables that were replaced and she said they would be in the car because the guys normally put them in the car, TO MY SURPRISE WHEN I GOT TO THE CAR THERE WERE NO CABLES, I THEM WENT BACK IN IMMEDIATELY AND TOLD THE LADY THAT THERE ARE NO OLD CABLES IN THE CAR. She then told me to wait and that she is going to get me the workshop guy that worked on my car, when the workshop guy arrived I asked him about the old cables that he was replacing and he made it very clear to me that he did not replace any cables and that he only had to reconnect a cables that was disconnected which to me is a manufacturing Default. I then went to Mariska with the workshop guy and Mariska started giving a completely different story to the one that she originally gave to me about cables being replaced, she then phoned the workshop manager who she said was not at work and then told me that the workshop manager says I was actually paying the R908.00 for the labour which again was completely different to what I was told earlier on. MARISKA SAID TO ME I WAS PAYING FOR CABLES TO BE REPLACED BUT NOW I WAS PAYING FOR LABOUR. SO MANY LIES. I AM DISGUSTED BY ALL THE LIES THAT I WAS TOLD YESTERDAY BY THIS BRANCH. I AM SURE THERE MANY PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT THEY HAVE LIED TO AND RIPPED OFF LIKE THIS AND THOSE PEOPLE WERE MOST PROBABLY NOT EVEN AWARE, I WILL BE GOING ON TO ALL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS AND TRY TO MAKE EVERYONE AWARE OF THIS MADNESS!!! WE CAN THEM MOST PROBABLY TRY TO FIGHT FOR OUR REFUNDS TOGETHER BECAUSE THE BRANCH DOES NOT SEEM TO UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH I NEED MY MONEY BACK.
COMPLAINT #1859 - Guarantee Or Warranty Issues
Eric Gumbie
I bought a Nokia 6.1 in East London in South Africa last September. This year early April the phone had a speaker problem. I took it back to CNA where l bought it. They told me to go to D&D in Vincent. I went there and handed in my phone on the 13th of April. Around the 24th of April the technician told me he had requested a new motherboard and speaker from nokia. This would take 2-3 weeks at most to arrive. Until today it nothing has arrived and he keeps telling me that Nokia keeps telling him dates that don't seem to materialise. Hence, I took my phone back today without it being repaired and asked them to contact me when the part arrives as it has now been 6weeks without my phone. What makes the matter worse is he gave a call number that is never answered. Hence, as a customer feel helpless and hopeless. I feel as if Nokia is not accountable to its customers and should stop selling the phone in SA if they cannot fix it or simply be honest with customers. I have never been disappointed with a product as much as this. I honestly thought Nokia was a reliable brand and went against my peers who warned against buying a Nokia. Now I understand why and wouldn't recommend Nokia to anyone.
COMPLAINT #1829 - Repair Issues