ATM taking too long - Consumer Complaint for First Community Bank - Head Office

Florence Jepkemoi Chebii
I applied for atm in December at your Eastleigh branch and I filled a form for them to deliver the a to kimathi branch once its ready. They told me to pick it in kimathi in 2 weeks time. I went to kimathi branch after 3 weeks and I was told there was no application for atm submitted! So I filled the forms afresh. 3 r Jan i went to pick my atm but I was told it in south c, so I requested it to be brought to kimathi branch. I have been going to kimathi branch like 4 times and I am told it has not been sent from south c. How far is south c from kimathi surely! Why are you not serious with your customers? Why should I be late to work almost 4 times waiting for your office to open only to be told no atm? This is not fair.

Disappointed customer
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