Signage for '' Senior Citizen'' is Totally disregarded. - Consumer Complaint for Mercury Drug - HEAD OFFICE

Gaudioso Rey E Garza
I'm a senior citizen used to queue in designated Sr Citizen/PWD lane.
Unfortunately, this signage is totally disregarded in your LRT Tayuman-Rizal ave. Br. I called the attention of the store manager named Ms. VHIA regarding this matter. To my surprise, she told me that they are only observing 2 lanes, regardless of physical condition.
This is the only branch I've ever encountered that senior citizens/PWDs are not given extra consideration. I told Ms. VHIA that if that is the case, they should remove the said signage and let seniors and pwds suffer the long queue. (standing without chairs)
I really appreciate MERCURY DRUG, as well as the Republic of the Philippines to really have care to us seniors /pwds, and why Ms VHIA don't even bother to have this kind of care?
I'm looking forward to please fix the queueing of regular buyers and of seniors/pwds in this branch in order to avoid confusion and misunderstanding that may arise in the future.
Your prompt action on this matter will be very much appreciated.

Thanks and God bless.
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