RUDE & NON-COMPLIANT SECURITY GUARD - Consumer Complaint for Mercury Drug - HEAD OFFICE

Glenn Tadije
To Whom It May Concern:
I would like to file a complaint against your security guard named Liberty Rios (Rios LR as appeared on his badge) for being arrogant and non-compliant with anti-COVID drive/protocol. He is currently assigned at the Mercury Drug EDSA Libertad branch.  

I went to the store to buy goods and medicines wearing my facemask and face shield. After a few minutes, I noticed that some or should I say most of the employees including that guard are not properly wearing their face shields (you can check the stores' CCTV cameras should it be necessary), so I decided just to remove my face shield and put it at the back of my head (since I feel suffocated).

The security guard then approached me while I was standing in line at the cashier and told me to comply by properly wearing my face shield. I got embarrassed since there are a lot of people standing in line.

I felt bad 'coz I saw him including other employees not properly wearing their face shields which is contrary to what they want me and other consumers to do.

I then went in the entrance door to confront the guard and told him to be ashamed of himself when he, as a security professional, supposed to be the #1 compliant and enforcer of safety and security inside the store but it seems that he has a strong bond/connection with all the employees and that he just want to enforce it with us consumers. So I told him that he is unfair because he doesn't even bother telling the employees themselves to properly wear their masks. The security guard told me to tell the employees at the drug store so I got even more upset and got angry when he told me that. I told him that it's his job to enforce the protocol to everyone and not just with the consumers and Mercury Drug is not paying me any amount to do it on his behalf so I told him "Ang kapal ng mukha mo". Then I suddenly noticed some employees (including him) properly wearing their masks.

I told them what I really  feel and what I think should be right but I no longer wear my face shield since I was already angry and very upset.

I just couldn't believe how rude, pathetic and irresponsible your security guard is and I don't think he deserves to be a security guard. His conduct is very poor and I don't think this should be tolerated by his security agency and even the store.

A Security Guard should be a #1 compliant and role model when it comes to safety and security within the store and not "pasaway" or #1 non-compliant or "power tripper".

This needs to be actioned immediately and I suggest that you impose necessary sanction(s) against this security guard, so it would serve as a lesson for him and other contractor/employees. 
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