Rude staff and Lon waiting periods - Consumer Complaint for BOKAMOSO PRIVATE HOSPITAL

Bokamoso please improve on your turn around times. One could die at the hallway just waiting to be seen by a nurse and you caution them about it you will met by e very rude staff. Front staff don’t have the compassion at all. We r not here on holiday, we r sick and we need is to be attended to and go to our homes for love and care. Something Bokamoso lacks. The doctor who assisted me when I asked him what we should wait for close to an hour just to enter the triage rude could not be bothered about us at all. He even said we could wait to 2 hours and there’s nothing he can do. And this is at 11am and we were only 3 outside and more people left while we were seated there. Surely it can’t be issue of rooms. I don’t like hospital at all. This has gone on for years. Live up to your values please.
COMPLAINT #2162 - Customer Service Issues
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