Rude pharmacist - Consumer Complaint for Mercury Drug - HEAD OFFICE

I was given an online prescription from my doctor to which I printed out after a staff member told me she doesn't accept online prescriptions (seriously are you afraid of technology?). When I came back, this lady name "Che" from Mercury Drug Store Ayala scolded me for not having an "original" prescription printed out (my doctor only sent carbon copies). She berated me, told me she won't give me the medicine I literally need to mentally function, and was really rude about it. She tried to call my doc (My doc didn't pick up) and she made it seem like it was my fault that her call wasn't taken. I was reduced to tears because all I wanted was to just leave with a 12 peso tablet and she relented after I cried.

Anyway, she's a horrible person with no empathy for the mentally ill.
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