Postnet does not deliver! - Consumer Complaint for Postnet Head Office

Karin Barclay
Our family have been paid up clients of Postnet Kgale since 2009. In March of this year- just after paying rental for our box- the branch was closed with no warning. There was a notice pinned to the door with 2 cell phone numbers on it to call and no further information.
I called many times and finally got through to the franchiser. There was no firm plan for an alternative venue - it was mooted- but very vague- never came to fruition and now another similar scenario is on going.
In the interim - I have been receiving mail through my own initiative- by calling the franchiser personally and arranging to meet at a venue where I can fetch my mail.
This is an astounding way of continuing business as addresses are still legally binding and right now there is no tenure for the Box number that we have.
I have paid my annual fee by cash in the first quarter of the year but have not yet found the receipt as proof of payment. The franchiser is now withholding mail as a result. I find this goes beyond the realms of reason. I have paid- there should be a record of the receipt in the receipt ledger- but I am being coerced to pay for a non-existent postbox just so that my mail is released to me.
This can surely not be legal business practise and I have no doubt that there are many others in a similar situation.
Please investigate this situation and advise?
COMPLAINT #2369 - Customer Service Issues
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