Not issuing a Receipt - Consumer Complaint for Mercury Drug - HEAD OFFICE

Luisito L. Medrano Jr
I purchased 2 celine w/zinc (250mg) at P. Sanchez Sta.Mesa branch then a cashier gave me 2 pcs GC (worth 50 each) so Im very happy, I decided to used it and get a Vit C (DayZinc cap) worth 77.50 I purchase 2 box and so il be adding some cash, I'm waiting a bit to long as I am seeing them the male staff who assisted me and the male immediate supervisor wearing black glases who is in the cash point station is giving direction to the male staff then he went infront of me and saying that "sir wala na pong resibo yan"
and then I expressed to him "ha" he said na Ok lng po ba I replied to him that I needed the receipt as I am seeing them he went back to his immediate superior saying "kelangan daw ng Resibo sir" then the immediate superior Scratch his head and giving a bad Face as while thinking in solving what he will be doing to give me a receipt after waiting again for a quite long they provided me again the receipt while checking the 2 receipt I notice the 1st receipt from tge celine that the issue no of GC is 9405 so I ask them if the just got another GC and scan it they said that they didn't change it so I cany prove it, but my Complaint is that as per DTI every customer is entitled for a original receipt no matter how much a customer purchased and staff has no need to ask if a customer needs a receipt this is unAcceptable and hope this complaint would be addressed asap specially if this includes a superior who is presentand should be responsible in adhering the policy of your company and the Goverment
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