Poor Quality Services - Consumer Complaint for GIGM.com God Is Good Motors- GIG Motors

Your services and customer relations are going down hill fast. And your eccommerce partners are the ones losing. A package that takes 2 days to deliver before in Lagos now takes 5 days or more. And sometimes buyers are forced to pay extra to transport themselves to your office to go and pick up packages that was supposed to be delivered to them in their homes. Not everyone can do this and sometimes they abandon the packages. We are the ones losing because whether an order is delivered or not our wallets will be debited. Twice. If the people in charge of delivery can't do their job they should quit and make way for serious minded and capable people. I started using GIGL because of their efficiency and prompt order delivery, that is not the case now. Your nonchalant customer care don't bother to reply emails when you send them a complain, question or suggestion. I'm the one that usually reminds them to update the status of orders when it gets delivered. And when I do, it always takes more than 3 emails before I can get them to notice and reply me. I used to get paid weekly now it takes 2 to 3 weeks before I can get my money. And when I do, they always deduct almost 400 naira for "processing". Why so much? You are not sending the money from abroad. The straw that broke the camel's back was my order that failed today. I shipped on Friday. The Iyana Ipaja office supposed to deliver it on Saturday or latest Monday. But they did not. The first time it went out for delivery was on Tuesday. Buyer waited for them the whole day, but nobody called her. On Wednesday, they called. She told them that she was not around. The delivery people termed the order failed and processed it for return. I lost over a thousand naira and a chance to make a sale because of your staff laziness and unprofessional nonchalant attitude.The only reason I'm still using GIGL is because of COD. I'm searching, and once I find another courier with better service that offers COD, our partnership will cease to exist. Unless you improve and hire competent people who are willing to do their jobs.
COMPLAINT #3179 - Delivery Issues
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