Bad customer service charged double than promised - Consumer Complaint for C M N Enterprises

Pemila Gunasekera
Never go to this place for a laptop or any repair. Very bad customer service ever. They promise you one price and after the repair, they charge you double the price. They told me Rs13000 only for the keyboard I was worried and helpless but after searching I bought one for Rs3500 from Colombo brand new. Since CMN asked Rs1500 just only for the laptop inspection, I asked them to fix the keyboard without giving the laptop for the Colombo place I bought the keyboard even they told me that they will fix keyboard for free of charge. However, I asked how much to replace keyboard owner Mr. Peiris told me before Rs2500. I thought to pay the inspection charges Rs1500 and take back the laptop but since CMN technician Shanka seems like a good calm person told me that he will replace the keyboard and fix the hinges total for Rs2000 I gave the job expecting they will do a better job. They replaced my keyboard and fixed hinges. After repair "c" letter did not work well on my brand new keyboard. Laptop body doesn't seat properly after hinge repair. Charged Rs4000 double the promised price by stingy owner called Mr. Peiris and argued with me. My mother was clueless and paid what he asked for. They have internal clashes with technicians and stingy owner. They don't know what they are doing. Not even worth a single star. Do not get into trouble by going to that place. Any repair go to Colombo, Kiribathgoda it's worth than taking a risk by going to closer shitty places. I will never go to this place even my laptop stop working in the middle of a very important tight work. They show you good face but rip you off.
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