RE: Bad after sale service - Consumer Complaint for Ravel Auto Parts

Renschie Prinsloo
We bought an industrial drill machine from Thulani from the Ferndale shopping Centre branch on the 27/09/2019.
We source the tools (Drill bits) to be able to use this machine but with no success. I phoned Thulani on 02/10/2019 telling him that we are not able to get the tools to use this machine. He told me that he understand my situation and that he will give me a full refund. When we took the machine back to the shop for a full refund the manager (Jordan) told us that he will not refund the money as he is not sure that the machine was used by us. I assure him that we could not use the machine without tools. He offer to buy the machine back from us at R200.00 less that we bought it for.I think this is very bad after service and will not buy anything again from CASH CONVERTERS.
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