I need a refund of my money or a new phone - Consumer Complaint for Frank Trading Enterprise

Richmond Ampiah
I bought a new Technology X since Feb. 28 at the Tema community one (1) branch of Frank Trading Enterprise, the phone developed a screen problem in about a months time and up till now I have not been giving my money back neither a new or even my repaired phone. I have sent my wife to the Techno office twice and still I don't have the phone. The recept number for my phone was 0244646776' which you can check for yourself by your people, but my phone number is 0244696776. They keep giving me excuses every now and then. Today they don't have a new screen for techno X and tomorrow they tell you your warranty is overdue, how can a phones warranty be overdue in less than 2/3 months when the warranty says it's for a year? The next day they will tell you we told your wife to add up for a better phone which was a lie anyway. She has be there twice from tema carrying a few months old baby due to the work I do she had to come. So please the phone has been sent back to you find a way to handle this by Thursday else I going to ask permission and come to the head office myself and you people will not like me OK. What sort of poor customer service is that? Do you people know the business am loosing because this behavior? How can you people lie to us in all these adverts meanwhile you don't care about your customers why? Up to Thursday is my last stop. Good day.
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