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Consumer Complaints ( 3 )

Lucresia Boswell
Myself, my husband and our 2 six year old children visited Nike Factory Store on 2 September 2020. This is the 5th complaint on different platforms and Nike is just nor responding. I am a left limb amputee above knee and I walk with a prosthesis. I left my crutches at home as I struggle with the prosthesis and needed to exercise without them as I have my husband for physical support. When we went to Nike in Access Park Kuilsriver to get 2 tracksuits and 2 pairs of takkies, it was storming outside and the queue was very ling. My husband went to the security to tell him that I am disabled and if we can enter as I can't stand for too long. He advised that we leave our 2 small children in the car. My husband stood in the queue while I was waiting with the children in the car. I was so frustrated afterwards by his answer and told my husband to wait in the car while I speak to the manager. I had to wait for 10 min outside in the rain in pain to speak to the manager. When I finally entered the store, the manager had a snotty attitude and told me that I am allowed alone in the store and my husband had to wait in the queue with the children. I was so shocked and told her that I needed his assistance in the store with my fittings. She said I'm not in a wheelchair and I can wait for him in the store when I'm done. I normally lean on him when I get back pains and he usually assist me with fitting on shoes. She said they deal with alot of customers like me and treats them the same. We all have different cases. She gladly wrote her name an head office number on a page and just did not care. I was so humiliated by her response and went to my husband in tears. He had to go to the back of the queue. I refused to enter the store or to shop there. I had to wait over an hour in the car with the children. This left such a bitter taste in my month and we are regular shoppers at Nike stores.

My husband is refusing to shop at Nike until this is resolved.
COMPLAINT #6348 - Customer Service Issues
Elzette Lourens
I tried to contact Nike headoffice in JHB. If you choose a option on the line, you are automatically cutt off. No email address provided either. Trying to find out about stock of Nike Air Force 1 low cutt shoe. Bought shoes from Cross Trainer Tyger Valley and wanted to exchange for smaller number. Manager said that he ordered from JHB, but apparently this is not possible. So not been told the truth. After 2 months realized that this will not happen. I have a very disappointed daughter.
COMPLAINT #3882 - Contract Issues
Lazarous Zulu
Your voice prompts do no work at all. The automated telephone system does not respond. The system even asks “are you still there”? Yet it does not respond
COMPLAINT #2086 - Other Issues