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Nicaela owies
So I went to go buy 3 pies for myself, fiance and my daughter, bare in mind I am 3months pregnant,thos was at the STEENBERG STORE we ate the pies I kept saying it doesn't taste or smell right we ate some more and eventually stopped everything was so sour by this time I was already at home and when I called the store about 20times there was no answer REYLENE cable is the lady that served me and due to this my family is now sick with food poisoning
COMPLAINT #2770 - Product Issues
Rudzani Nekhavhambe
I went to pie city Southgate yesterday, I asked for a regular pie which was written as R21 she says there's no regular there's only small, she gives me the pie I gave her R200 note which she gives me change R177, I started counting the coins then while busy with the other customer she says its R7 coins, Im like how much is a pie? its it R21. 99 she says yes, the look on her face was like as if everything its international, I then left thinking to my self I wonder how many R2 she is taking from customers, was tired as it was late, just before they close, so I didn't have energy to fight with her.
COMPLAINT #1989 - Customer Service Issues
Prenolia Govender

I'm 6 months pregnant and had cravings for a chicken n mushroom pie..so I decided to purchase one from west street..when I got to work I decided to have it..whilst eating it i found a long black hair in it..and this is the second time..previously I found a grey hair and had to throw my pie away..I'm not a person to complain but because this happened the second time I had to bring this to your attention..I did not contact pie city because i knew nothing will be done so i decided to to write to yourl..hoping you would find a solution and look into this matter..the Baker should take more precaution when making pies.. this is very unhealthy..not all people look at what they eat ..


Miss p govender
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