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Consumer Complaints ( 2 )

Mario Jumat
It has been now more then 1.5 years and the company wich is Rawson properties located in Maccassar is owing me money on rent not received for wich the tenant actaullly paid, but i was led to believe the tenant is not paying. Upon futher inquiring of this it was discover that the employee was stealling the rent money and I was made promises by said employee manager that this would be corrected, but i need to allow her time to settle this. A payment was made a few months later on the outstanding rent owned to me, but since then i did not received the rest of the money owned to me and i've tried again on a number of times with no respons. I've contancted the Manager Adelaide Wildschut - <adelaide.***@rawson.co.za> via email, but never seems to get a response from her. I've been patient long enough and feel that this manager/owner is dealling with this unprofesionally and should pay the money owned to me and on top of this i need to make alrternative arrangement to deal with the lost of income.
COMPLAINT #7205 - Customer Service Issues
i signed a lease with Rawson Ottery in March, had my bin stolen end April. To date no positive feedback from Rawson on when we will receive a bin. Agent sometimes responds to me a week or 2 later. i get no spreadsheet showing payments for water bill, only a statement every 4 months stating how much is due. I have emailed and whatsapped asking for the owners number so that i may speak to him personally and still no feedback. When i have maintenance issues relating to the condition of the place it takes more than a month for them to send someone out. The service has been this bad from day 1.
COMPLAINT #2366 - Service Issues