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Alet Scheepers
Good day. Yesterday morning my phone was loaded with the new months airtime. When I checked my balance in the morning it was R178. In the afternoon I wanted to transfer my airtime to data and there was R11 airtime and I saw how my airtime was deducted. I phoned and was advised that it was apps updating and this is a lie. Since I took out this contract almost 4 years ago this was the first time this was happening and was told I must change my app store settings from over wi-fi only to don't auto update apps. This is nonsense and a lie. Never before did this happen why all of a sudden. To me this is stealing and I want answers. I'm not accepting this explanation because then it must have happened every month. As a gesture of goodwill I was given R100 airtime. What about the rest of the money that I lost. I'm beyond furious. If I've used this then I would have taken responsibility but I wasn't. I want my airtime balance back and be compensated. At this stage I must upgrade and I've got 2 more phone contracts and I'm really thinking of changing my cell provider. This is not on.
Reply by Mongezi Ntlemeza on 3 December, 2020
Good day I am very very upset customer of who is failing us as customers. I need somebody who can assist with my problem. My no is 0727858455....
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