Assault on an 15 year old Passenger - Consumer Complaint for Translux - Head Office

Chantelle Shirley Kamfer
I am absolutely appalled by this, I booked my 15 year old son on the City to City bus on Monday, 7 Jan 2019, I received a call at 03:10 from a officer at the Plettenburg Bay Police Station that my son was put off the bus for smoking Dagga on the bus.

My son was on his way to Port Elizabeth to his dad, when he was accused of smoking dagga on the bus. I had to run around like a headless chicken using my last money I had left to book another ticket for my son from Plettenburg Bay to Port Eliabeth.

I had not spoken to my son I had no idea if he was ok or had anything to eat. I could only get a booking the evening at 10:15 pm on another liner, he arrived at 02:00 am in Port Elizabeth the Wednesday Morning.

In all this running around I had lost my cell phone and could not contact his dad at all to find out if my son was ok. Thank you to the police officers who looked after my son, he eventually arrived in PE safe but not sound. I was able to make contact with him today and his dad told me that he had to take my son to the hospital because your bus driver smacked my son! He apparently smacked him so hard that my son could not even talk properly and his throat was sore.

I will be laying a charge of assault on a minor as soon as you can give me the details of the driver on that bus. City to City Bellville Station to Port Elizabeth Greenacres. depature was at 17:40 arrival was at 05:30.

If you cannot give me the details of the driver I will lay a charge against your company.

And no dagga or dagga pipe was found on my son.

You can contact my husband on 0782225247 as I do not have a contact number at the moment.

I did not even receive a call from your company or the bus driver letting me know what is going on ! this is a 15 year old boy that was just left at the side of the road basically! in a town he does not know without any guidance, food, money or even a damn direction as to what he can do. Is this how safe it is to travel on your buses ?

I am so disgusted... City to City is the cheaper option ... is this why ?

Who gives your driver the right to assault my son ?

Contact me asap
Chantelle Kamfer
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