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I have made an online payment for a bus ticket from Parys to Bloemfontein and back again. 9 December - 11 December 2019. Payment confirmed, but no ticket available to print out, trying to reach them the past week, I need a copy of my ticket.The confirmation of payment the bus driver does not accept.
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COMPLAINT #2344 - Service Issues
Howie Meyer
I want my money back. I waited for the bus to fetch me on Friday but no bus ended up fetching me at wimpy kokstad I waited and waited, tried calling this customer care line no answer. I WANT MY MONEY see attach 3 tickets
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COMPLAINT #2170 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Regina Kodisang
My luggage was stolen from the bus at the bus stop due to the drivers negligence. He opened one side to offload another customer's luggage while the other side was left unattended. Thieves opened and ran off with two bags. This happened last year and I still haven't been compensated. All the number I was given are not in service. Even the ones I'm searching online, not in service. I was deployed and didn't have internet access when I was called by a lady named Sharon to ask me about that incident. The necessary paperwork from my side was done but they did nothing on their side
COMPLAINT #1967 - Customer Service Issues
Chantelle Shirley Kamfer
I am absolutely appalled by this, I booked my 15 year old son on the City to City bus on Monday, 7 Jan 2019, I received a call at 03:10 from a officer at the Plettenburg Bay Police Station that my son was put off the bus for smoking Dagga on the bus.

My son was on his way to Port Elizabeth to his dad, when he was accused of smoking dagga on the bus. I had to run around like a headless chicken using my last money I had left to book another ticket for my son from Plettenburg Bay to Port Eliabeth.

I had not spoken to my son I had no idea if he was ok or had anything to eat. I could only get a booking the evening at 10:15 pm on another liner, he arrived at 02:00 am in Port Elizabeth the Wednesday Morning.

In all this running around I had lost my cell phone and could not contact his dad at all to find out if my son was ok. Thank you to the police officers who looked after my son, he eventually arrived in PE safe but not sound. I was able to make contact with him today and his dad told me that he had to take my son to the hospital because your bus driver smacked my son! He apparently smacked him so hard that my son could not even talk properly and his throat was sore.

I will be laying a charge of assault on a minor as soon as you can give me the details of the driver on that bus. City to City Bellville Station to Port Elizabeth Greenacres. depature was at 17:40 arrival was at 05:30.

If you cannot give me the details of the driver I will lay a charge against your company.

And no dagga or dagga pipe was found on my son.

You can contact my husband on 0782225247 as I do not have a contact number at the moment.

I did not even receive a call from your company or the bus driver letting me know what is going on ! this is a 15 year old boy that was just left at the side of the road basically! in a town he does not know without any guidance, food, money or even a damn direction as to what he can do. Is this how safe it is to travel on your buses ?

I am so disgusted... City to City is the cheaper option ... is this why ?

Who gives your driver the right to assault my son ?

Contact me asap
Chantelle Kamfer
COMPLAINT #1650 - Other Issues
Sandra Joseph
Mrs Meyer were booked from Graaff Reinet to Pretoria on 7 January 2018 at 21.45. The bus arrived only at 2:00 on 8 January 2018.

There is absolutely no after hours number to contact to establish if this bus is going to pitch or not. I have tried several numbers and not one was answered.

NO COMMUNICATION to the passengers as to what the problem is. They stood there during the night not knowing if the bus is actually going to pitch. This is UNACCEPTABLE. The safety of Translux passengers are definitely not a priority, especially women and children.
COMPLAINT #1648 - Customer Service Issues
TE Magade
Good day

I am on a Bus from PTA to Umtata via Queenstown. The bus has been at Fort for the past 45 minutes. The driver took a passenger on a different route now we are forced to wait for another bus so that the passenger can get on to the other bus. I have to be at work by 10 now this. Can you please do something. Bus number 4822.
COMPLAINT #1647 - Customer Service Issues
Nomzamo Dukada
On 04/01/2018 at King William's Town Translux station my blue spectacles fell from my hand bag under seat 29 & 30 without me noticing. The bus was from Pretoria station 16:45pm. When I noticed the lost glasses I went back to the station to ask the driver as the bus was going to East London. Was told that I would be contacted but was never contacted and the phone was always engaged. On 7th arrived back at Pretoria and asked for their assistance. The glasses were never found. Do you mean to tell me the people washing the busses did not find the glasses. The taxi industry seems to be more reliable and trustworthy with their customers. I will NEVER EVER use Translux again
COMPLAINT #1646 - Other Issues
duncan nefefefe
on wednesday the second we stand on que for bus ticket from 5:00 line was long untill 8:00 no one bother to tell us buses to chiawelo and jhb are full,we had to figure out ourselves on que and the security just standing and gossipng with people.what kind of service is this and why treat people this way.a lot of us go to taxi stranded and no one bother to offer another bus to jhb.all they care is pretoria.
Reply by Mira on 5 January, 2019
I'm really not sure what to say, about their services. All I can say is that they have old buses plus they don't service them. As I'm writing this it's Friday 4th of January 2019 I'm at the petrol station the bus broke down due to brake cause it doesn't have air to brake. It's simple that they don't value ourselves cause as I entered in the bus I first the thing I noticed the bus was to old, anyone could tell if you pay attention cause of the inside front, and the wepairs were not were working right and the drive I overhead him telling his callegue that he expected this. Guys run away from translux buses as far as you can if you value your lives. As for me it was my first and last. And the other thing bus was supposed to be at the bus station at 21h05 but it came at 21h30 and no one bothered explain that or bothered to apologize.
COMPLAINT #1643 - Customer Service Issues
Yolandi Thyssen
Good Evening

I would hereby like to inform you about my PATHETIC experience with City to City the past 3 weeks. I traveled with my kids from Cape Town and it was a nervewrecking ride as the driver was reckless... When myself and the other passengers asked him to slow down, he made us quiet. When we arrived in Port Elizabeth at the Sasol petrol station in Commercial Rd they announced a 10 minute break, which ended up being 30 minutes. That happened on 28 November 2018.

On 1 December i phoned the Greenacres branch non stop, with NO ANSWER with the number i got from your website. When i arrived there i asked the gentleman who assisted me, why there was no answer and he advised that it was management's number whom is not in over weekends. WHAT IF IT WAS A CASE OF EMERGENCY!!!

I then booked another 2 tickets to George from PE on 1 December 2018. Same thing happened... Bus was delayed by just over 30 minutes at Greenacres... We then spent another 30 minutes at Sasol Commercial Rd and another 20 minutes at Uitenhage pick up point... Arrival time in George was delayed by more than an hour which was an inconvenient for the people who had to pick us up from the bush station and I ended up having to phone and pay for a cab.

On Sunday, 9 December i booked my return to PE for Monday, 10 December. Bus should've arrived at 12:30 the afternoon and came there at 14:00. I cannot complain about the ride, BUT once again... We stopped at Sasol Commercial Rd to fill up before my drop off point at Greenacres. They announced a 15 minute break which ended up to be an hour!!!!! WHY???? CAUSE THE PETROL CARD WAS DECLINED!!!! I had my transport waiting for me at Greenacres and had to ask them to pick us up at Sasol. The driver's assistant had an attitude when i asked him what the delay was and told me to complain in writing.

I will most definitely spread my experience on social media as well as HelloPeter and the media if I have to cause this is unacceptable.

Feel free to check all my trips.
COMPLAINT #1629 - Service Issues
As a driver if u even late as we stand in parkstation with no bus from 7h40 as written on my ticket,the bus left parkstation 09h50 and when people where entering he refuses bags to enter telling people to go back with a laptop bag to put it underneath,if anything happens or it gets lost who is responsible
COMPLAINT #1625 - Other Issues