Salesman incompetence - wrong contract - Consumer Complaint for PLANET FITNESS - HEAD OFFICE

Belinda Marina Human
My husband, myself and my daugter signed up with Planet Fitness when the Brakpan branch opened. All 3 of us signed up for the 12month contracts. After a few months, due to personal reasons, we tried to cancel the contracts. We were informed that the contracts can only be cancelled upon paying a cancellation fee, which equals the exact amount we would have paid until the 12 month period expired. We opted to let the contract run until such time that the required period expired, which is August 2019, and I forwarded cancellations again. My contract and my daughter's contract was cancelled, but not my husband's contract. I also did not receive any feedback from Planet Fitness and therefore submitted another request for the contract to be cancelled. Only in December we got a response to say that we have to pay cancellation fees before the contract can be cancelled, but with no explanation as to why we should pay the cancellation fees. The next moment we get an email to say that we have been handed over for debt collection, we are liable for cancellation fees as well as legal fees. When I did an enquiry I was told that my husband's contract was a 24month contract and not 12month as we signed up for, hence we are still liable to pay all fees until the contract expires. I checked the contract (did not on the day that we signed up as all 3 was supposed to be 12 months)and it was indeed an error on the salesman's side - 24 months!! This is not due to a fault of ours, but rather an incompetent, over excited salesman and now we have to pay the price. We are still battling to get the contract cancelled. Is there anyone at Planet Fitness who can provide proficient service and assist with the cancellation with immediate effect? And keeping us liable for cancellation AND legal fees is totally absurd
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