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Christiaan Schoeman
Got an data offer from vodacom 19th may, after confirming 3 times with the consultant before accepting offer that i can transfer the data once received, she said yes. Money was debited from my account for something. Got the package and after activation, tried transferring the data to my main nr. With no luck, phoned vodacom just to find out that i can only transfer data 3 days before it expires. I then phoned to cancel deal as the consultant lied to me. Been told to phone another division. Finally got someone, canceled the deal and said money debited will be refunded after collecting the package. A week went by with no collection, i phoned again and nothing was done in regards to the cancelation and they will escalate the issue. A week later i was phoned by the courier cause the driver is lost in Pretoria i must please give directions. I told them that I don't stay in Pretoria, and they have to collect where it was delivered and instructed to vodacom. I was told to phone vodacom myself. I phoned again and yet again was told they will have to re do everything but the courier will phone me. So after a month the parcel was collected. Now with payment day being yesterday, my account was debited again for the deal that was canceled. I phoned vodacom today, and was given another number to phone to sort out the issue. So yet again after having phoned vodacom 5 times during the course of a month, i still have the issue, but they are quick to false advertise and sell incorrect information to me. Someone needs to assist.
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