RUDE CUSTOMER ASSOCIATES - Consumer Complaint for LBC - Head Office

Daryl Ann
I visit this lbc branch because I will be returning a wrong item from lazada. At first, when they asked me what transaction would I like to make, and when I told them that I will be returning a wrong item from lazada, they became rude. I let that passed. But! When I am filling up the form, one agent told me "pakibilisan ate magllunch break kami". Then I was shocked because I was just starting to fill up the form. And then I asked that agent if he can say it one more time. He changed it to "pakibilisan kako dahil magddisinfect po kami" in a very rude way! I was really angry! And I am still! What is their position? Customer Associate?! Is that how you train your people?! Is that the proper attitude of a customer associate?! PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! IT IS IN LBC ANGAT BRANCH AND THEIR NAMES ARE RALPH AND ADAN!!!! RUDE AGENTS!!!
COMPLAINT #7521 - Service Issues
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