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Dhonna Guzman
Today Januaey 18, 2020 at around 6-7pm at Puregold Angeles. Was on push cart and wanting to pay for credit card and looking for a charge cash register. There were 3 cashier open at the back end of the store: 1. cashier open for charge but this lane has customer with boxes and might take long 2. the other cashier open for exprese lane and cash and basket 3. cashier open for priority lane meaning senior citizen. The other 2 cash register for cash and charge at inner lane from the back was close. I ask the cashier fixing her cash box where else is open for charge she specifically recommended to go to front where there are 2 open charge register open. so I went to front only cash register 4 and 5 open if im not mistaken. 4 is open for cash and i went to one it was counter 5 and is open for charge. there were only 2 cash register open. So i line up and when i got there, this cashier said it was her last the girl in front of me and she said its her cut off. i was the only customer after that lady. She did not want to assist me anymore. I said and told the lady this cashier from the back recommended me to go here bec there were 2 open charge cashier, now you tell me i cant bec its your cut off. I called the supervisor and told the cashier she can assist me and i will be her last. That super is nice and willing to assist me. This cashier was making an attitude that i cant explain. then i told the cashier are you upset that you have to make face in assisting me. she keeps denying it and keeps on answering me back with a tone. I told her i would have not been here if i wasnt told by the back cashier to go here. She still continues to answer back with an attitude and i told her this will get your headoffice. without hesitation she said go ahead and file a complaint. oh yes i told her you will.definitely here from me. i did hear any assistance or word to even offer her assistance to me but keeps on answering me back which triggers me more to be aggravated. i told her you tone down bec you are aggravating me now. she still keeps on pushinh it. she punch and completed my payment. i went to customer service asking for details of puregold headquarters number and email address. they were hesitant to provide me that. they called the manager Melissa and told her everything about this incident. She was apologetic. But dear puregold management and office, I did not appreciate the attitude and behaviour that was display by your employee at the cash register. this cashier has an attitude. i have been shopping to.puregold ever since and i find it near and more convenient to me. If this will reflect service you hire bec of her. i will no longer shop at puregold. it was it my dismay to even go there and shop again. I hope you take this complaints seriously and put an action to this. Will call the headoffice in manila on monday. The name of th3 cashier is Jalilah
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Reply by geleena r maquiran on 25 April, 2020
Good day!

Today I went to Puregold Kabankalan to buy my necessities. My bill total was P200.75 and I paid with two 100 bills and one P50 bill. She returned the P50 and asked for P1. I gave her the coin but expected that she give back my 25 cents but saw the cash register with zero change.

I politely told her I need my 25 cents but she told me she didn't have it. Instead, she gave me back my 1 peso coin. I had to spend 2 minutes looking for 75 cents in my coin wallet.

Kindly practice giving back the exact change. You are a big company but for me you are thieves. You exact people's money without sweating. What a way to destroy your reputation. You are not honest even with 25 cents.

A copy of this complaint was also sent to DTI for corrupt practices.

Thank you.

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