Unprofessional - Consumer Complaint for MINISTOP Philippines

Elisa Lyn
Jonna Cantollas at branch Countryside Village,Sta. Lucia, Pasig City, whose at the counter by that time when she serves as so poorly. Request to separate the gravy from the rice but not allowed because it has a fee ehich I accept. Now, when she call out the order, nit served, no gravy was included. I ask her why there is no gravy and she told me that I said not to include which I didn't and she insisted that I did. She emphasize the word "STARDARD" to me that's what they are doing. I told her that it's jargon to the customer to say so and I told her I know about customer service, she said to me: "Yun naman pala eh, eh d alam mo naman pala". Now, that makes me infuriate. She is still murmuring while going to kitchen and ask to speak to her supervisor. At first, officer is nlt willing to talk with. I asked her presence again and talk about what happened. She told me that this is not the first time that this problem happened about the crew.
COMPLAINT #2462 - Customer Service Issues
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