Rude Staff at ministop Sto Nino Parañaque - Consumer Complaint for MINISTOP Philippines

Eos rondina
There was a misunderstanding when the cashier gave the order. I told him that it wasn’t the order I asked. HE WAS ALREADY RUDE AND WENT BESERK SAYING, HINDI YAN ANG SINABI NYO, ICANCEL NA LAHAT YANG ORDER NA YAN. HE EVEN MENTIONED SAYING PILIPINO PA NAMAN KAYO GANYAN KAYO, I just firmly asked Mali ang bibigyan mong order. when in fact he had been rude already to begin with. He made me wait without telling me he had to because the nuggets needed to be heated. He was so outright rude. I was with my daughter and it caused her TRAUMA to go back to ministop because of that. The manager just mentioned tama na, she mentioned that the staff is sick. But that’s not a good reason to be rude and scandalous with my daughter witnessing everything.
COMPLAINT #2183 - Customer Service Issues
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