Bad Customer Service - Happy cup Tenant under Puregold Pag-asa, Binangonan - Consumer Complaint for Puregold - Head Office

Gonzalo Afable
At 14:35 hrs, after I have paid my Grocery from the Cashier, I went to one of the outlets adjacent to the Cashier. One outlet I ate noodles which was a bit spicy. In order for me to cool down what I ate. I went to the Happy cup outlet wherein, There was this Male Service crew and ordered One 16 ounces Frappe. I shelled out a piece of 1,000 peso bill. He immediately denied me. That he can't service me a drink because of the amount he had to change. I said it is already Two past the hour of Twelve, for the whole Midday He does not have change to my payment. I suggested to him. If he could change it to the Cashier. He immediately replied, the Cashiers does not change that kind of amount, which I know is not true. So eventually, I had to endure the spiciness on what I ate. I went to the Customer Service and told them the Predicament. They vehemently denied the Male Service crew accusation, that they would change the amount anytime of the day. Can you please have this resolved of the Bad Customer Service
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